Kinesys Helps with Flying Start for Motor Stage Automation

Motor Stage Automation is a brand-new automation specialist based in Denmark with an ambitious strategy to deliver custom and off-the-shelf solutions for entertainment industry clients wanting safe and innovative ways in which to move any element of their shows.
The new start-up launched with an investment of Kinesys Apex 500kg and 1250kg hoists, Kinesys Vector consoles, Mentor controllers and all associated infrastructure, and is a joint venture between Christian Vigsø of Vejen-based rental and dry-hire company, Vigsø, and Blake McNally, who has been involved with numerous creative automation projects, together with Kasper Sønberg who is the venture’s commercial manager.

The two met – initially via Linked In – during the lockdown, when both were keen to use the extra time and headspace that this challenging period offered, to enact some positive and productive results. An in-person meeting followed in Amsterdam, they hit it off and realised they had similar visions and could see a huge potential for automation to become a key technical discipline over the next decade.

So, Motor Stage Automation was born.

Christian started Vigsø six years ago, and in a short time it has grown to be a significant industry player in Denmark, his goals include wanting “to do something that’s truly ‘next level’ for the Danish entertainment industry and internationally”.

While Blake has had a lot of experience working with Kinesys, they considered several different options before choosing an automation brand to be at the base of the company.
They chose Kinesys Apex “for the safety levels and also for the versatility,” Christian confirms. “This system can be used in just about any different scenario and it’s very reliable and straightforward to use.”

Blake added, “We are definitely looking to the future here so wanted a system with longevity as well as very safe and apart from that, we wanted the best.”
They liked the speed of the Apex system – the 500kg and 1250kg products have a maximum of 500mm/s (100ft/min) and 200mm/s (40ft/min) respectively – and maintaining the highest safety standards, the system is suitable for movement above people which was another must. SIL3 compliance means it can be used throughout Europe.
The silent braking is a plus for theatrical and quieter environments, and apart from all of that, they also have a huge demand for Apex from riggers and technicians with a history of using and specifying Kinesys including the flagship Elevation systems.

In addition to already enjoying a great relationship with Kinesys Danish distributor Light Partner, Christian is also impressed with the service and set up at Kinesys in the UK. “They offer the back up and resources of a large organisation coupled with great attention to detail and a personal service-orientated approach”.

Motor Stage Automation has recently supplied Kinesys systems for a production of American Idiot in Copenhagen’s Østre Gasværk Teater in August, flying scenery pieces above actors, and in September, a 24 motor system to move six circular lighting trusses on the Galaxy Stage at the 2021 Untold Festival in Cluj, Romania.