Fulcrum Acoustic Releases AHS Steerable Large-Format Array Modules

Fulcrum Acoustic has released the AHS Series, a modular scalable system targeted at applications where very high output and precise pattern control are required. This new series of products represents a leap forward in achieving digitally configurable coverage for long-throw applications, all within a surprisingly compact envelope.

“We’ve had ongoing requests from system designers for even higher output versions of our existing AH and AH4 products,” said Rich Frembes, Fulcrum Acoustic’s Product Manager. “The AHS’ configurable vertical pattern allows dispersion to be tailored to a venue’s needs. Its modularity allows it to scale as needed to tackle very long-throw applications, such as those encountered in stadium end-zone/scoreboard deployments.”

The AHS440 (45° horizontal beamwidth) utilizes 4 high-frequency horns, each paired with a coaxial compression driver. The AHS460 (60° horizontal beamwidth) uses 3 high-frequency horns. Both models incorporate 4 high-power 10″ woofers loaded by Oculus™ phase plugs. The Compression Head™ extends the low frequency horn length, allowing for low frequency extension to 60 Hz in a modest 28″ of depth. Frontal dimensions are a compact 36″ wide x 31″ tall.

Fulcrum Acoustic’s TQ Processing combined with beam-forming DSP algorithms configure AHS vertical dispersion to match a venue’s specific geometries and throw distances. Multiple high frequency horns combine coherently to provide the output necessary to combat high frequency air loss which can be substantial in stadium-scale applications. AHS modules are designed to be stacked as needed to increase projection and control. Read more about these products on Fulcrum Acoustic’s website.