Key Digital’s Scalable AVoIP System Comes in Clutch for Sports Bars’ Big Season

Patrons at The Bear Trap, Tuscaloosa’s only rooftop restaurant and bar, enjoy a kinetic atmosphere created by the strategic placement of large video displays and projection screens throughout the two-level building, all thanks to a scalable AV over IP system from Key Digital, installed by locally-based expert integrators EMB Pro AV.

The Bear Trap co-owner Daniel McCullum wanted to be ready for the winter rush — venues like sports bars are the most popular locations for fans to gather to watch sporting events outside their homes. However, as The Bear Trap management was about to embark on the project to refresh their AV systems, they worried it would prove to be a daunting task to update the unruly wiring and dated cabling infrastructure, consolidate expensive monthly subscription sources for a more economical solution, and modernize the atmosphere, all while staying true to their college sports-bar roots. With their focus honed in on providing the most robust system at a cost-effective price point, the professionals at EMB Pro AV knew to turn to Key Digital for a reliable and trustworthy AV over IP system.

EMB Pro AV’s system design included Key Digital’s KD-IP822 AV over IP encoders and decoders, which seamlessly integrate with the installed third-party Creston control system, providing exceptional signal paths and allowing the video system to be used for digital-signage applications. Key Digital’s AV over IP product family offers near-limitless scalability, and leave room for future expansions as often as the restaurant would like.

The result provided benefits for patrons’ experience and the owners’ pocketbooks. In addition to the crystal-clear picture and razor-sharp audio fans enjoy, “Every month we’re also saving money on the cable bill, because we were able to get rid of about 12 boxes that were previously mounted right at the televisions,” McCullum explains. “That’s a great savings right off the bat. And now with this digital signage we can advertise specials and sell more than we ever have of certain premium liquors just by putting the names up on the displays and letting everyone know to ask for it by name. We’re looking into eliminating our printed specials inserts because the displays do such a better job of reaching everyone in the crowd. We’re really happy with the system and look forward to expanding our AV even further in the future.”