K-array Provides Modern Updates for Ancient Greek Amphitheater

While some installations are pretty straightforward, others can be very complex requiring detailed designs and a suitable audio system as was the case for a recent performance at the ancient Greek theatre of Tindari, an almost entirely preserved amphitheatre in Italy.

Il nostro tango per Borges, starring the famous Italian actor Giorgio Albertazzi and actress and singer Mariangela D’Abbraccio, is a theatrical piece with music composed by Astor Piazzolla and lyrics by Luis Borges that took place on 29 August 2015 at Tindari in Messina, Sicily. Organisers needed an audio system that could accommodate the recital, yet optimise the original architecture of the open-air arena which was designed to amplify the acoustics.

Boasting the most technological and aesthetically performing system in region, rental company Arkaservice was selected for its K-array system to provide the installed sound and to produce an aesthetically homogeneous result without compromising the acoustic performance and the visual integrity of the theatre.

Salvatore Barone, Audio Engineer at Arkaservice knew he needed to obtain a uniform and consistent effect in the entire venue maintaining the original acoustics of the ancient theatre but modifying to avoid echoes or reverberation. Barone planned for a left and right system with eight floor monitor for five musicians, the actor and the singer.

He selected K-array a KR200S system with two KMT18 18-inch subwoofers paired with a pair of Kobra line array elements each because of its discreet, compact form and its true line array capabilities that achieves a minor difference of acoustic pressure between the front and back rows of the venue. Moreover, the subwoofers gave homogeneous frequency response.

Both the director and the musicians were positively impressed by the small and slim dimension of the product compared to an outstanding result in terms of SPL. Additionally, the short time required for the setup provided a considerably reduced amount of time to install.