Jetbuilt integrates with leading CRM platforms

Jetbuilt API Integration

Jetbuilt, the global leader in AV project sales and management software, strengthens its dedication to streamlining workflows by announcing several third-party software integrations.

These integrations, largely developed in collaboration with industry experts at MindCloud, allow seamless data synchronisation between Jetbuilt and popular CRM and ERP platforms.

“If you can dream it up, you can do it,” explained Paul Dexter, CEO at Jetbuilt. “Jetbuilt is a powerful tool for increasing efficiency, but we appreciate that there will always be a level of apprehension when switching to a new system – this is why we’re dedicated to making it easier to integrate your existing business systems with the Jetbuilt platform.”

MindCloud, a pioneer in building API integrations, is working closely with Jetbuilt to deliver expanded integration capabilities. Through this partnership, Jetbuilt users can seamlessly connect their separate CRM or ERP systems, enabling them to work harmoniously together.

“The average modern business has eight separate software systems,” explained Jamie Royce, CEO at MindCloud.

“Many Jetbuilt clients use a separate ERP or CRM system to operate their business. Using Jetbuilt’s advanced API capabilities, our team at MindCloud can connect these separate systems and make them work together.

“When a project is created in Jetbuilt and project items are added, this can be synchronised to a separate CRM such as ZOHO, Method:CRM or Salesforce. Therefore, sales teams can have visibility of the ongoing opportunities in Jetbuilt, without having to log into Jetbuilt.”

Jetbuilt integrations streamline operations at businesses both large and small, enabling integrations with leading business platforms including Microsoft 365, QuickBooks, Sage, ProCore, NetSuite, HubSpot and Salesforce, among others.

As well as working with partners like MindCloud, Jetbuilt provides all users with a sandbox development environment, ideal for businesses who wish to develop and test their own integrations, either through the help of an external API developer or an in-house team.

Tech Arts, a California-based full-service integrator, has been using Jetbuilt for over eight years. Jetbuilt’s integration capabilities have been pivotal for Tech Arts when it made the move to CRM system, ZOHO.

“It took a long time for us to move completely over to ZOHO and we needed to duplicate data across both platforms,” recalled Chuck Mitchell, CEO at Tech Arts. “With the help of Jetbuilt and MindCloud, we started to evaluate how we could save the most time and what integrations would be most efficient.”

“We identified that we could save considerable time by creating an integration that would trigger a post-sales journey in ZOHO when a deal is closed in Jetbuilt,” continued Mitchell.

“This automatic process has not only saved time but also improved accuracy as data transfer is no longer prone to human error.”

The integration has empowered Tech Arts to seamlessly create invoices and orders in ZOHO whilst taking advantage of Jetbuilt’s extensive item library and quote-building tools, resulting in beautifully designed proposals and enhanced project management.

APAV Solutions, based in Orlando have also harnessed the integration capabilities of Jetbuilt having connected their QuickBooks and Method:CRM workflows to the platform through MindCloud’s service, as confirmed by APAV CEO, Craig Beyrooti:

“The team at MindCloud are excellent to work with and are very good at interpreting our requests and getting them implemented expeditiously.”

“Integrations play a crucial role in empowering clients to optimize their business operations,” reflected Royce. “By connecting the data silos between multiple systems, users can enjoy greater productivity and growth.”

“Our relationship with MindCloud has allowed numerous Jetbuilt clients to create a seamless flow of data between different software platforms,” concluded Dexter.

“Our aim is to help businesses to operate cohesively and unlock their full potential. We hope the expanding range of Jetbuilt integrations will contribute to exponential business growth for our users.”