The Center holds performances in its 1,200-capacity indoor Woltosz Theater, as well as its 2,500-capacity outdoor Amphitheatre. Committed to elevating and transforming the state’s cultural landscape, the Center holds regular artist talks, masterclasses and school shows by visiting influential artists. With such an impressive arts programme, the university upgraded its entire audiovisual system with help from Wilson Butler Architects, Akustiks Acoustical Consultants, Theatre Projects Consultants, Rabren General Contractors and Wenger Corporation.

The focal point of the 85,000 sq ft Gogue Center is the Woltosz Theatre, which required superior acoustics to ensure every type of performance would be accommodated. Here, Wenger installed a custom Diva Acoustical Shell that had the flexibility to serve all purposes. “This region has always had to drive to Birmingham, Atlanta or Columbus to have exposure to touring performing arts,” said Taylor Dyleski, Director of Production at the Gogue Center. “Now, we get to bring that experience to Auburn to make this an even better place to live and go to school.”

The real aim for the Center was to create the perfect acoustical environment that would suit the needs of a range of artists and performers. With each performance that passes through the Jay and Susie Gogue Performing Arts Center so uniquely different to the last, the audio had to be able to adapt to crowds watching anything from a saxophone lead jazz quartet, to an audience participated stand-up comedy show.

“We’re connecting the sound on stage to the audience, and allowing the musicians to really hear themselves, hear each other and react to the room,” said Russ Todd of Akustiks.

10 Wenger Transform Motorised Acoustical Banners line both house right and house left of the audience chamber. They have the ability to be individually controlled, so the user can lower or raise them to adjust the acoustics in the room. The banners are controlled by a J.R. Clancy SceneControl 12 Motion Control System.

As well as the Wenger Diva Acoustical Shell, the Jay and Susie Gogue Performing Arts Center needed an audio system that would work well with the acoustics of the room. The Gogue Center’s sound is courtesy of d&b audiotechnik, QSC and Yamaha.

Wenger also developed a custom solution that combined the shell with its Lieto White and RGBW LED fixtures, as well as Transform banners, JR Clancy hoists and motion control systems to accommodate a variety of performances, and effectively and efficiently store the shell when not in use.

“We also introduced ceiling cove lights using Martin by HARMAN LED strips to provide a glowing edge around the shell,” explained Steve Rust of Theatre Projects, who was also the project’s Lighting Designer.

The Center also utilises ETC’s Source 4 conventional fixtures and LEDs and CHAUVET Professional’s Rogue R3 Wash fixtures. The concert lighting over the stage is made up of the Lieto, Axceleron and Martin fixtures. These washes are supplemented by ETC Lustr+ Series 2 LED profiles for front light. The system is controlled by an ETC EoS Console.

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