J.E. Broyhill Civic Centre Reshapes Sound with Fulcrum Acoustic

Based in Lenoir, North Carolina, The J.E Broyhill Civic Centre is 1,000 capacity theatre/auditorium that hosts over 600 showcase, community and corporate events a year.

The centre employed a simple yet flexible sound system based on two flown Fulcrum FL283 eight-module arrays, supported by stacked RCF subwoofers and driven by a Powersoft X8 amplifier platform. The system was installed by Greensboro based Imagine Design & Production Services, Inc.

“The auditorium presented mounting position challenges which could only be solved by speakers with significant low frequency rejection.” Broyhill Civic Centre Director, Jeff Bentley explained. “Fulcrum’s unique passive cardioid approach was a huge selling point as it delivers the cardioid effect we need in half the footprint of an active cardioid array. The flown arrays also cleared sight lines formerly blocked by our ground stack PA.”

Fulcrum FL283’s full-range passive operation at 16 ohms allows up to eight speakers to be driven from a single power amplifier channel and its solid low frequency performance down to 54 Hz minimises the need for subwoofers. Jeff claimed: “The FL283’s single amp channel operation saved us money and simplified processing, and its surprising low end output supports three quarters of our events without using subwoofers.”

Jeff summed up the success of the installation: “The FL283 line arrays deliver seamless, full-range coverage throughout the auditorium with all the sound reinforcement and vocal intelligibility our diverse programming requires. We couldn’t be happier with our new sound system.”