Istanbul’s Hilton Doubletree Chooses One Systems

Located a short distance from Istanbul’s Taksim Square, the Hilton Doubletree Hotel has two restaurants and bars, a ballroom, spa, fitness center, and rooftop terrace. Recently, the hotel decided to upgrade their customer’s experience by installing new One Systems Inc. loudspeakers in many of their venues.
AKHAN-TT Ses Isik Gorsel sistemler, one of Istanbul’s most prominent sound distribution companies, was contracted to design and install the new sound reinforcement systems.

“We were very excited to be working with One Systems loudspeakers again,” said Faik Haluk Akgun, the Owner of AKHAN-TT Ses Isik Gorsel sistemler. “Management wanted to premium quality loudspeakers with high SPL that could be used in the bar, restaurant, and even for live events – it was an easy decision to use One Systems products.”

The hotel’s rooftop terrace bar, which provides a breathtaking view of Istanbul’s skyline and the surrounding area, offers both outdoor and indoor seating. The outdoor portion of the area is blanketed in sound complemented by 16 – 104/HTH loudspeakers, which are installed along the top of the exterior walls.

The indoor room, which is a long horseshoe-shaped space, has an abundance of hard, reflective surfaces – the floors are covered in tile, there is a stainless-steel ceiling and floor-to-ceiling windows. Twelve 106/HTH loudspeakers are distributed evenly on the outer edges of the room. Akgun utilized the optional U-Bracket with the 106/HTH to install the loudspeakers close to the ceiling, firing down on the customers and keeping sound off hard surfaces.

Both of One Systems’ 104/HTH and 106/HTH are two-way, universally Direct Weather loudspeakers that are designed for a variety of environments. Both enclosures utilize 316-grade stainless steel (marine-grade) for all structural and rigging points and offer wide coverage patterns. The 106/HTH covers 110 by 70 degrees while the 104/HTH offers 110 by 80 degrees.

As for the ballroom, it required a high quality, portable system that could support live sound events as well as provide the vocal intelligibility necessary for corporate applications. In this case, Akgun specified One Systems’ On Point Audio Series loudspeakers.

The ballroom features crystal chandeliers spread across a decorative ceiling, as well as adjustable walls that are used to modify the size of the room. A pair of OPALine loudspeakers and OPALine Sub subwoofers, offer the flexibility the space required. Two more OPALine Sub subwoofers are available to add additional low end to live music applications. Eight OPA-15 NPMs have been added to the sound system as well, four for stage monitors and the other four to support the OPALine Subs.

The OPALine is a single-box vertical array loudspeaker that generates very wide horizontal dispersion, while providing exceptional vertical pattern control. When paired with an OPALine Sub the system provides outstanding vocal range pattern control, intelligibility and sustainable low end. The OPA-15NPM is a 15-inch two-way high-performance floor monitor with two projection angles that can also be used as a front-of-house system by itself or paired with a sub. The portable sound system allows hotel management to offer customers an audio system designed to fit the requirements of the applications.

“The OPALine loudspeakers provide excellent output and control, while also sounding fantastic,” said Faik Haluk. “Because the loudspeakers are portable they were perfect for the hotel’s ballroom, which is utilised for everything from small corporate events and intimate dinners to large weddings and business conventions.”

Last but not least, Faik Haluk installed four 104/HTH loudspeakers along the back wall in the spa/pool room. The direct weather loudspeakers easily handle the dense moisture that the room generates due to the room’s water and air temperature.

“Our goal was for the hotel to have sound reinforcement that would help add to its excellent reputation and exceed the expectations of the hotel’s guests,” Faik Haluk concluded. “One System’s loudspeakers disappear into the background while still keeping music in the foreground. The hotel guests are very pleased the sound of the new loudspeakers, which makes hotel management very happy.”