In-Ground Fixtures with W-DMX at Novomatic Forum

Studio Due Light, in collaboration with LEMAN Gmbh in Austria, have recently illuminated the Novomatic Forum in Vienna, as part of a façade lighting overhaul. The previous fixtures installed were traditional luminaries with a high level of energy wasted.

The project included replacing the façade uplighters on the ground and first floors, along with the balcony lighting around the forum. Confronted with new challenges to accommodate the LED fixtures, the specifiers noticed the impossibility to run DMX cable to the bottom part of the building, to replace the in-ground fixtures with the energy-efficient ones.

Faced with this issue, Mr. Robert Makovsky of LEMAN Gmbh turned to Studio Due to come up with a cost-effective solution. After several tests on-site, Studio Due implemented W-DMX into their TERRA PLUS RGBW RDM fixtures. “We have implemented NANO TRX modules from Wireless Solution, with an Indoor 2 Backbone antenna, so we could receive DMX and transmit RDM back to the controller”, said Paolo Carvone, Field Application Engineer for Studio Due. With this implementation, it is possible to get power from the existent infrastructure, and DMX to the fixture wirelessly, without having to dig and run new cables.

Two WhiteBox F-1 G5 transmitters were also used in the installation, located on the second-floor, and transmitting on both sides of the building. Each receiving antenna is placed around the rim of the in-ground fixture, just behind the top cover, to optimise the incoming signal strength.

“This is a very cost-effective way of replacing existent in-ground fixtures with LED versions, without having to spend much on the infrastructure”, said Niclas Arvidsson, CEO of Wireless Solution Sweden. “Studio Due have the perfect solution for these applications, and seeing them applying our products in this way shows how technology-savvy they are.”