iMAG Displays Invests in UK’s First Brompton Technology Hydra

iMAG Displays Founder and Technical Director, Alex Stachan with Brompton Senior Business Development Manager, Rob Fowler.

iMAG Displays invests in the UK’s first Brompton Technology Hydra system, extending the company’s arsenal of high-end technical production equipment.

The Hydra is an advanced measurement system custom-designed for LED panels fitted with a Tessera R2 receiver card. Panels must be measured with Hydra to benefit from Dynamic Calibration, the ground-breaking technology that enables Brompton HDR. Investors in the Hydra system benefit from its minimal set-up time, comprehensive error checks with minimal room for user error, and the ability to generate reports in multiple languages to give an objective assessment of panel performance. By enabling Dynamic Calibration, it also ensures the LEDs in each panel can perform at their absolute best rather than being averaged to the performance of the weakest one.

iMAG has invested in a Hydra not just to recalibrate its own stock of LED panels, but also to make it available for hire to other UK rental houses so they can update the company’s own panel inventory.

The decision to purchase Hydra was made before the pandemic but was put on hold whilst the company – previously focused on servicing live events – realigned its focus and looked at new business opportunities. Such an investment may seem like a bold move in the current climate, but the decision was based on seeing first-hand the benefits of Dynamic Calibration and Brompton HDR, close consultation with the Brompton team, general market intelligence, and finally galvanised by a significant client win.

“We know this may look like an odd time to be making a major investment,” said iMAG Founder and Technical Director, Alex Strachan. “However, it now gives us the opportunity to open up new avenues of business and to allow fellow companies in the LED rental sector to hire our Hydra and update their screens. This gives their existing stock a new lease of life and allows them the same opportunities as us without having to make any major investment.”

“We are delighted that iMAG has been able to fulfil its desire to be the first UK-owned company to purchase a Hydra,” said Brompton Senior Business Development Manager, Rob Fowler. “We have worked closely with the company for a number of years and Alex, Charli [Harding, co-founder and director] and the team have developed a vibrant business that is based on going the extra mile for their clients.

“We know from other companies that we are working with that having Dynamic Calibration and Brompton HDR adds significant value to their offering, particularly in the film and TV markets, as well as in virtual studios which are providing much needed new work for the events industry. iMAG are investing not only for themselves, but for other similarly sized companies in the UK industry, and we’re excited to see the great projects that are going to come out of it.”