Iconic Cairo Jazz Club gets the L-Acoustics Treatment

For over a decade, Cairo Jazz Club has been at the centre of the Egyptian capital’s music scene, attracting high profile artists, both home-grown and international, and helping to launch new talent. As such, it has been instrumental in the evolution of Cairo’s independent music scene. In July this year, it closed its doors for its annual renovations, re-opening with a fresh look and a brand new L-Acoustics loudspeaker system.

The new system, which comprises a combination of L-Acoustics ARCS Wide and X Series loudspeakers, was designed and installed by Heliopolis-based Audio Technology, which has been working with the Club since 2006.

“The project presented us with some interesting challenges,” says Amir Hany, Sales & Marketing Manager at Audio Technology. “Cairo Jazz Club covers 200 square metres in an L shape with exposed air conduits as obstacles, which makes even sound coverage difficult.

The club hosts a variety of musical genres on different nights, including jazz, dance, acoustic, electronic and more.” Add to that a stage area that morphs into a dance floor on certain nights, and you have a venue that changes styles and setting like changing a shirt, requiring a sound system that can be flexible, without sacrificing quality.

Audio Technology designed a distributed system, using L-Acoustics 3D modelling software and the input of L-Acoustics’ application engineer Oliver Hebert. “Three X15 HiQ coaxial cabinets cover the dance floor area, and can be configured in different ways depending on the position of the DJ booth, or if a live band is playing,” Amir explains. “Two SB18i subs reinforce the low-frequencies and are placed on the ground, whilst two ARCS Wide speakers cover the larger areas just outside the dance floor”.
Additionally, two X12 cabinets cover the bar areas on one side of the club, with the remaining side covered by a further X12 and an X8 cabinet. The entire system is controlled and amplified by four LA4X amplified controllers.

“Although the total number of cabinets isn’t large, the design and set up of the system is quite complex,” says Amir. “The beauty of the L-Acoustics philosophy is that it offers a clear and streamlined product line, and all cabinets have the same sonic signature. This meant that we were able to install the loudspeakers we needed for the space, knowing that they would all interact smoothly. To make everything work seamlessly, we installed an L-NET Ethernet-based network, which allowed us to give the system the flexibility it needed. “There is an obvious difference in Cairo Jazz Club’s sound clarity and distribution since installing L-Acoustics in the venue. We are very happy with the outcome.”

Cairo Jazz Club’s Alexander Rizk is thrilled with the results. “When it came time to update our sound system, L-Acoustics was the best choice,” he says. “The L-Acoustics system addresses both the challenge of our diverse line-up and the awkward shape of the room. L-Acoustics also has the clearest, most highly defined sound on the market. We are very happy with our choice.”