Ian Schrager’s immersive new ‘microclub’ opens with a 1 SOUND audio system

SH Acoustics solves noise pollution issues for the newly designed audio/lighting-focused high-profile club, with the help of Essential Communications, utilising 1 SOUND’s cardioid-controlled loudspeakers.

Ian Schrager’s, the PUBLIC Hotel, located in Manhattan, recently redesigned its rooftop club space, turning it into a fully immersive experience known as the Microclub on The Roof.

This newly designed high-profile club, with a 360-degree view of Lower Manhattan, wanted to feature audio/video aspects as a key part of this club’s experience. The initial challenge of this space was that the previous club emitted noise pollution, disturbing residential apartments two floors above.

SH Acoustics, led by Principal Consultant, Steve Haas, was hired to take on this challenge, collaborating on an audio design that relied heavily on the controlled-dispersion properties of 1 SOUND loudspeakers, as well as consulting on acoustical treatments within the space to enhance both sound quality and containment in the new design.

Essential Communications was brought in to complete the installation. The team suggested 1 SOUND loudspeakers be included in the audio design, having known the cardioid capabilities of Tower Columns.

1 SOUND went to the space and did a demonstration for the Ian Schrager Company and SH Acoustics. Everyone was very pleased with the sound quality and trusted that SH Acoustics and Essential Communications would hit the mark by providing chest-pumping nightclub audio on which world-class DJs will be excited to perform whilst resolving the sound pollution issue at hand.

For the dance floor area of the club, where they needed the most SPL, nine Tower LCC44 were used in an immersive configuration and paired with five SUB310 for the bass.

This club space is predominantly made up of glass windows with columns that were turned into video walls, making speaker placement even more strategic. The LCC44 were mounted to the side of the video wall columns, using LCC44 Wall Brackets, that are able to swing out to a maximum 90-degree angle.

Essential Communications was able to mount the loudspeakers so they were flush to the edge of the column and had the desired angle for dance floor coverage.

The Towers were the optimal choice because of their rear-cancellation, which helped lessen the reflections behind the speakers against the glass windows, their dispersion pattern being only 5 degrees off the top. This helped minimise sound hitting the ceiling while still providing the SPL level that was required.

The SUB310 were placed between the booths in the seating area. SH Acoustics tuned the system to sound optimal and eliminated reverberation from finding its way up the building to the neighbouring floors. Multiple DSP presets were implemented to optimise overall level and bass-balance for the wide variety of events hosted by the venue.

The DJ booth used a pair of Cannon C6 set on speaker poles as monitors, along with a CSUB210 inside the DJ booth. For the bar area, Cannon C6 were mounted to the ceiling using C-Clamps, and SUB310 used for bass.

“This was our first experience working with 1 Sound on a significant project,” says Steve Haas, SH Acoustics “and we (and the Client) were very pleased at how clean the sound of their speakers were at high sound levels, while still exhibiting tight control over the vertical spread of sound. We look forward to finding other unique opportunities to employ the variety of products offered by 1 SOUND.”