Holstebro Musikteatret Scores a Plus

Holstebro Musikteatret in Denmark has invested in 24 new Robe LEDWash 600+’s which will be used throughout their facility, making the production lighting options more dynamic and flexible whilst also saving valuable time during changeovers and technical time.

The Musikteatret includes three main venues: a 1200 seater Main auditorium, the Black Box, a flexible space which can accommodate up to 1700 people standing and is where the fixtures will primarily be deployed and The Hall of Fame bar which is also used for concerts, comedy, dining and events.

The venue is a truly multi-purpose concept, built in 2006 on the footprint of the old Holstebrohallen. The Black Box was added in 2008 expanding the capacity to stage more, and for a greater diversity of shows for the live entertaining-loving Danes. The Black Box is also home to its own Black Box Dance Company of which produces several works annually and also tours On top of all this activity, Musikteatret is a busy receiving house with around 300 shows a year.

With 24 x new LEDWash fixtures, they have purchased enough equipment to be able to use in-house dance shows whilst also having lights available for when the dance company our touring their shows. “The new LEDWash 600 with the increased brightness is ideal, the zoom is excellent and the resulting cost reductions that come with using these lights all make it a great choice,” explained house lighting designer Jesper Levin.

Holstebro Musikteatret received some funding from energy company Scanenergi to invest in cleaner, greener technology, which is a priority for Denmark generally, a world-leader in wind energy and a country committed to investment in renewable sources for now and the future. They already had a strong relationship with Robe’s Danish distributor Light Partner, which made it an even easier choice. In fact, they also made a Robe purchase back in the era of the ColorSpot 700E AT of which was the first of that series of fixtures in Denmark at that time.

They selected to have the Lumen Radio wireless data control option on the LEDWash 600+’s which are currently being run as two systems of 12. Twelve LEDWash 600s can easily replace 60 PARs! Normally the LEDWashes will be in use across the two main Musikteatret production venues, where they have already made a massive difference to the turnaround times. Up to this point, the house lights were mainly conventional and less cost efficient, so with the LEDWash 600+’s in place, “Productions can have more interesting and varied lighting, use less power and need less maintenance” says Jesper.

When the Black Box Dance Company tours they usually carry their own equipment and work with a mix of internal and external LDs. Traditionally this has been a mix of conventional lighting fixtures on side booms with some loose luminaires rigged to overhead house LX bars. Now with the LEDWash 600+’s available, the physical space needed for the touring lighting rig is reduced, and aesthetically, their shows can also benefit.

Jesper initially worked with Robe products when he was a volunteer at the Fermaten live music venue in nearby Herning, known as a training ground for young industry lighting professionals. Jesper informs that most rental companies in the area have Robe in stock, so he knew first-hand that it was reliable. Jesper has also worked as a freelance systems engineer for some years utilising all the major moving light brands which has further underlined his belief that Robe is excellent. All this considered he was confident to recommend that the theatre purchase Robe.

He believes Robe is “Really doing well right now! It’s the number one moving light brand in Denmark and THE brand in which people are investing.” Light Partner doesn’t want to get complacent about this but it’s a scenario that would have been unthinkable just a few years ago!