HOF Expands its Premises and Gets a New Showroom

Because of improving interest in its products HOF has enlarged its premises by 5.000 square meters.

HOF now possesses over 650 additional storing positions. Furthermore, HOF also expands its production site, in order to respond quickly to the increasing market. Three product lines will have their final assembly in the new premises.

HOF also has a heavy duty outside pavement, a surface that is specially made for cranes for up to 120 tons. Trial installations for stages and constructions of up to 36 by 22 meters can take place on the new outside surface, too. HOF has an apartment of 80 square meters on the new premises, which can be used by clients and installation staff during the trial installations.

The new premises has a fully functional photo studio for product photo shoots and video productions.

The new premises highlights a brand new showroom, which spans over two levels, as well as three meeting rooms. Here we will show HOF trusses, XOOP Lighting and Excellent Line. XOOP and Excellent Line are brands owned by HOF.

CJS Coupler and Broadweigh, which are both brands distributed by HOF, are also shown in the new showroom.

Now we can show our customers the complete portfolio of HOF products, and customers can test the products live in a great atmosphere.