HH Electronics Announce Distribution Partnership with MHB Indonesia

Left to Right: Harryanto, MHB Director, Bill Tan Commissioner, Ian Wright, Dir Global Sales, Maria Gerson, MHB Sales Manager & Technical, Hartono.

HH Electronics, part of the UK Headstock Group of companies is pleased to announce the recent appointment of MHB as their official HH Distribution partner in Indonesia.

When asked what it meant to be appointed as the official HH partner, Billy Tan, MHB Commission said: “We are happy because we’ve been trusted as a partner. We trust in the product because of its long-standing reputation and dedication in the music industry. HH presents products with high quality and has a very good variant, suitable for the Indonesian market”

Harryanto, MHB Director agreed: “The MHB Team is very happy with HH products, and we know that HH has a very good and experienced team in the audio industry. We are happy to bring high-quality HP products to the Indonesian market.”

“We’ve very excited to welcome MHB as the distributor for HH audio products in Indonesia,” Headstock CEO, James Laney said. “We look forward to a successful long-term partnership as we continue to build the HH global sales network.”

Ian Wright, Headstock’s Director of Global Sales said: “The Indonesian market is very important to us and we are pleased to be working with MHB as they have long and very solid relationships with the dealer base throughout the country and they are very familiar with the retail, wholesale, rental and installation markets. Indonesia is a very challenging and price-driven market and we are confident that MHB are the right partners to re-introduce and grow the HH brand there.”