HD Pro Audio Appointed Distributor for SoundTools

HD Pro Audio has been appointed as a UK distributor for SoundTools, the unique range of tools for professional audio engineers developed by Rat Sound.

SoundTools was started in 1996 by engineer Dave Rat, when faced with the need for a solution for troubleshooting bad mic lines during the heat of setting up a concert. His development resulted in the original XLR Sniffer / Sender and over the years SoundTools has expanded its range to provide a collection of cool, useful and unique products designed for the audio professional. The company has consistently worked toward creating the Ultimate Soundman’s Toolbox, with designs based on years of experience as a pro audio vendor for major tours and from a sound technician and engineer’s perspective.

Andy Huffer, Director of Sales for HD Pro Audio, commented: “Having used SoundTools when working in the field, we know first-hand about the level of quality and attention to detail in the product, as well as the innovation that goes into them. HD Pro Audio is honoured to now be in a position to bring these great devices to a wider audience and open up the UK market for them. We’re particularly excited about the new Cat Tails and looking forward to getting our hands on them.”

“We too are excited to have HD Pro Audio join the SoundTools family of distributors,” commented Dave Rat, President of Rat Sound Systems Inc in Camarillo, CA. “I am really proud to be a part of designing simple but useful products that are hand assembled here at Rat Sound. All of us in the SoundTools department stand behind our products the way I feel all manufacturers should. If any of our units break or fails for any reason, will send you an advance replacement and a prepaid envelope to return the old unit. We want to make products our fellow engineers and technicians will use and trust for years to come.”