Goodman Audio Services Expands With EAW Adaptive

Goodman Audio Services owner Trace Goodman with his new EAW Adaptive rig made up of Anna modules and Otto subwoofers.

California-based Goodman Audio Services has provided corporate event audio for clients for over 25 years. The company recently joined Eastern Acoustic Works (EAW) Adaptive network with the purchase of an Adaptive line array system.

“The addition of the Anna line array is important because it provides us with technology that allows us a lot of flexibility,” explained Goodman Audio Services Owner Trace Goodman. “When you are working on large corporate events where visual impact is as important as sound, it’s terrific to have a product that you can hang straight – and out of the way – while still placing the high-quality sound where it is needed. That’s exactly what Anna brings to the table.”

Goodman Audio Services has been a long-time supporter of EAW with hundreds of EAW boxes in their inventory. Trace notes that the sound quality and durability of EAW systems has kept them a staple in his business.

“We recently used 52 Anna modules and 12 Otto subs for an eGames sporting event at the Barclay Center,” he added. “We put together a left-right system with three delay arrays that blanketed the space in even coverage – while still being powerful and intelligible. This is a perfect example of what the system is capable of.”

“Corporate events are getting more and more sophisticated with greater audio demands,” Trace concluded. “The Anna system is flexible enough for anything I can think of. It’s a tool in our arsenal that will allow us to grow and meet the demands of our clients for years to come.”