Genesis Technology Installs Analog Way at Open Door Presbyterian Church

Genesis Technology, LLC in Chantilly, Virginia has installed an Analog Way Ascender 16 4K multi-screen seamless switcher in the sanctuary of The Open Door Presbyterian Church in Herndon. The new switcher is the second-generation of Analog Way equipment used at the church where it drives three projection screens displaying graphics, IMAG and lyrics for worship services.

The Ascender 16 4K is part of Analog Way’s LiveCore platform. Known as a video-system-in-a-box, it offers enough outputs to handle the needs of the sanctuary, low latency processing for smooth IMAG displays with no lag, and a very intuitive interface for ease of use by non-technical personnel. The Open Door Presbyterian Church sanctuary features a large centre screen flanked by smaller angled screens.

“The Ascender has four independent outputs, one for each of the three screens and one for recording and streaming the service’s video feed to an overflow congregation in the choir room, kitchen and other areas,” said Michael Yoo, President and Senior System Engineer at Genesis Technology. “In addition to having a system with sufficient outputs, we were also concerned about the quality of the video image, and Analog Way products are known for their video quality.”

Ease of use was another consideration although the church employs a full-time video technician. “Users can control the system with Analog Way’s Control Box2 or through a touchscreen computer interface or use both together,” explained Michael.

“Analog Way’s support is always amazing,” he added. “Seth Teates has been great, and our Analog Way rep, Charles Cassell of Audio Associates, taught the church’s video technician how to program the Ascender. Everything is running very well as we expected from our long-time relationship with Analog Way.”