Genelec Packs a Punch at SPR Athlete Factory

The SPR Athlete Factory is a premium gym which specialises in martial arts such as Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, Muay Thai and MMA in Södermalm, the heart of upmarket Stockholm. Founder Waldo Zapata is vastly experienced in these explosive disciplines, having worked professionally in martial arts and functional training for the last 20 years, as well as being a BJJ black belt and accomplished pro MMA coach. The stylish premium gym has been fitted with an array of Genelec products, providing crystal-clear audio throughout its expansive space.

“Our primary objective was to ensure a consistently good audio performance throughout the building,” said Morgan Askeholt, integrator at MA Ljud&Bild. “As is often the case with any retrofit, the positioning of some of the speakers was not perhaps as we would’ve liked. We chose Genelec, as with its Directivity Control Waveguide technology we were able to deliver a flat frequency response, to ensure that sound was excellent both on- and off-axis. This gave us the consistency that we were striving for, which is vital for a space such as the SPR Athlete Factory. As with any gymnasium, the acoustic environment is a challenging one, and this was further exacerbated by a large amount of hard, reflective surfaces, including stone. Thankfully, with the Genelec products we carefully selected, we were able to overcome these challenges, and provide an outcome that client and customers are delighted with.”

More than 12 ‘zones’ have been set up on the premises, facilitated via Sonos CONNECT players. Mono summing adapters were used with every Sonos player in order to provide a mono signal to all Genelec speakers. As the Sonos CONNECT does not have a designated subwoofer out, Genelec’s subwoofer bass management was able to solve this acoustic challenge. The end result meant that music was able to be easily streamed and played in different zones throughout the entire Genelec speaker setup, providing outstanding audio clarity and precision.

In the gym area, Genelec 4040A active loudspeakers were installed. Thanks to the ample bass provided by the loudspeakers, there was no need to install additional subwoofers, saving space and ensuring a more streamlined setup. The phoenix-type connectors made installation straightforward, allowing them to be daisy-chained together.

In the juice/coffee bar, Genelec 4020B speakers were installed, supported by a 7040A subwoofer. The compact 4020B active loudspeaker shares the same design with the Genelec 8000 Series monitors, with its controlled directivity simplifying installation in many types of acoustic environments. The coffee served in the bar even matches Genelec’s own development and environmental values, being sourced from a sustainable, eco-friendly Brazilian farm, and then roasted and delivered by local firm Kersh Coffee Roastery.

“For the juice and coffee bar area, we decided that active speakers were the ideal choice,” added Morgan. “We found that they were able to provide more than sufficient power within the space limitations, with no need for an additional amplifier. The 4020Bs are perfectly complemented by the subwoofer, which provides high output in a small footprint, and is ideal for the space.”