Fullerton College Invested In Audient

Markus Burger, Coordinator of Music Technology at Fullerton College is in no doubt that the recent installation of an Audient ASP8024 analogue mixing console in the studio is an important addition to Audio Recording program. “The era of consoles is coming back,” he declares with confidence.

“We decided to buy the Audient console to allow students to experience a real studio environment,” he explained, citing the fact that all students benefit from the upgrade. “Having a real board is an integral part of the authentic studio experience. The console itself helps conjure up that extra magic, highlighting to the musician that they are in a special situation. Seeing and hearing a great console also makes sure everyone is in that moment together.”

Burger knows what he’s talking about, as he has a foot in both camps: as a studio engineer and a professional musician. His personal technology collection includes an Audient ASP880 eight-channel mic pre and the iD22 audio interface. “Wherever I go, I take these with me. We’ve done multiple recordings with the ASP880 and our RME gear. My piano recordings with the iD22 are really good” he said.

Markus’s drive and dedication to the Recording Program at Fullerton has had a direct effect on student intake, too. “We grew from 40 students when I took over the program, to about 450 students a year. Every one of these 450 students will come into contact with the console during the year.” If Markus gets his way, this number will increase, too. “I believe that students who study traditional music and play an instrument should learn how to record themselves. If all of them were to take our classes as well, we would more than triple the demand for our classes. That may come once we get a new building.”

“It’s also the reason we bought more preamps – and will buy more Audient preamps in the future. They sound great for jazz, classical and pop music alike and offer great value for money. They are clean, transparent and breathe without forcing too much colour onto any given recorded sound, and yet still have that real analogue warmth.”

Some Fullerton students have already bought themselves an iD22 or iD14 after their experience with the Audient desk at the College. “They are excited to have the ‘big console’ sound in their home studios,” said Markus, clearly pleased that he’s passed on the audio technology bug.

He continued to champion Fullerton College’s music technology courses and helping propel them into the 21st century. “We cannot fear technology! People forget that someone like Bach was an avid music technology fan – organs were the synths of his day.”