Flipside Takes to Poetry Society

After finishing a modern/cosy refurbishment of the venue, The Poetry Cafe found that they were without any sound and were left without AV equipment. The projector and speakers they had been using were ‘clumsy, difficult, unreliable, and very unattractive’ for their corporate users.

After deciding a new AV system was essential, they did some research online and narrowed it down to a few companies. After receiving quotes from all three companies, The Poetry Club choose to work with Flipside.

After careful consideration Flipside Soundsystem selected a Yamaha Commercial Audio system comprising of their VXS range of loudspeakers and MA Series amplifiers. We feel these exceeded all requirements for a really reasonable unit cost. The VXS5s in the larger events space downstairs sound great and are compact enough to be unobtrusive while the tiny VXS3Fs with their smooth lines look perfect on the white washed brick walls of the upstairs café.

Yamaha Commercial Audio’s MA amplifiers provide all the inputs needed to deliver a pre-set system configuration that means all events could be hosted without the need for any mixers or additional equipment to be brought in. The user could easily select from various room “modes” like cinema, live, speech etc. and the inputs would be selected automatically. The best thing was the fact that we could utilise the DCP wall panels which means that neither the staff nor clients ever need to access the equipment rack.

The new AV system makes for a really enjoyable atmosphere in the cafe, and they’ve even been able to host a range of film screenings since the installation, “without any set up or take down fuss”. According to The Poetry Club team, having music in the basement for ambiance even when it’s empty really improves the feel of the space and makes it feel more cohesive with the cafe upstairs.

“Overall, it’s been great. Everything is working well and is easy to manage. The experience has been fantastic. I felt like Flipside was super reliable, punctual, hardworking, and delivered what was promised, within budget. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience and end-result. Being not so tech-savvy myself, I’m really pleased with high quality equipment that is easy to use and take care of.”

“Flipside was always easy to get in contact with, answered loads of questions and concerns along the way, and worked super hard the whole time to deliver our dynamic needs, including flexibility with our timetable. I’ve really appreciated the follow-up since, checking in on the space and equipment, to make sure all is going well. It means a lot!”