Flipside Installs Domali Bar & Kitchen

Located in the heart of Crystal Palace, South East London, The Domali Bar and Kitchen, has been growing quickly and the venue wanted a system that would sound great as background music but that would be suitable for live music too.

Once they had decided what they were looking for, Dom and Ali consulted multiple people and got at least three quotes. They had researched Flipside Soundsystem.

The whole room was covered by four Tannoy VX5.2 full range speakers and a pair of VSX10BP subs. Tannoy have a long heritage of high quality HiFi and PA speakers, plus they started out just around the corner from Domali back in the early 1900s which well-suited Ali and Dom’s business ethos. The drivers used in the manufacture of these products are incredibly detailed and smooth sounding; HiFi sound stage in a Pro Audio enclosure.

To make things easy for day to day use we added a basic single zone pre amplifier, wall panel controls and local inputs for DJs, mixers and daytime sources like iPads and phones.

Flipside Soundsystem’s involvement from the point of conception was critical and resulted in a seamless, discreet sound system that delivered the quality and versatility the client was looking for.

“We were introduced to the project manager and maintained constant contact throughout the refurbishment. We were able to get access during the first fix of the electrics which meant that we were able to lay all the cables in wall cavities and under the floorboards – you can’t see a single piece of conduit anywhere in the space! We were very pleased with the install and the end product is still a point of pride for us.”