FBT Audio UK Appoints Roissetter

Cementing the company’s aim of delivering nationwide coverage with dedicated regional support, FBT Audio UK is delighted to announce Mike Roissetter as its Business Development Manager for South Wales, the Midlands and the South West of England.

A well-known and highly respected figure within the UK industry, Roissetter is described by FBT Audio (UK) Managing Director, Mark Parkhouse, as “the right man with the right ideas as we continue to grow”.

Roissetter brings a body of experience to his new role, having worked in both audio retail for the Soundpad chain of stores, and distribution for a number of global brands including EAW; responsible the launch of the Dexibell digital piano in the UK. His arrival at FBT Audio (UK) represents something of a reunion with Mark Parkhouse, with whom he previously worked closely at Proel Group, though the relationship goes back much further.

“Mike actually sold me my first PA, when I was 14!” explained Mark. “Since then we’ve had the pleasure of working closely together and I’ve also had the opportunity of watching Mike from afar as he has continued to excel in often challenging circumstances. He’s a true professional who will raise our already excellent level of customer service to new heights. I’m very pleased to welcome him to the FBT Audio (UK) family.”

Mike added: “FBT is a real draw because although it’s a recognised and respected brand, it’s really still at the beginning here in the UK, with so much potential in areas such as installation and even with hire companies. I think it’s great that FBT maintains its focus on Italian quality with a small, passionate team. We’re all part of the same family – I can even have direct contact with the R&D department. The same is true of JTS microphones, which are now becoming the trusted choice of many professionals throughout the UK. These are high quality products made by people who are listening carefully to their customers.

“I believe that FBT Audio (UK) is going about building a loyal customer base in the right way with strong marketing, a huge Facebook following and a lot of great in-store events that drive interest in the products. It’s about hard work, passion and drive, and I really appreciate that. I just can’t wait to start – the old team is back together!”