FACE Distributor Vari-Lite for Entire Benelux

FACE has started 2016 as sole distributor for the Vari-Lite range of products by Philips Entertainment in the Benelux. To promote the VL4000 Series, FACE will organise a huge promotion tour to discover these products.

Vari-Lite is one of the first automated, variable-colour stage lighting systems ever created. Their intelligent lighting fixtures are commonly used in theatre, television, concerts, motion pictures and corporate shows.

To promote the new VL4000 range, FACE has put together a package of multiple VL4000 Beams/WashBeamWash and Spots available for demo shows. Together with some great designers, FACE will organise some exclusive showcases. These demo shows will be arranged by FACE directly or together with our rental partners to experience the power and possibilities of these versatile fixtures.

The VL4000 range of luminaires (BeamWash and Spot) are very well suited for use in theatre, television and entertainment. The VL4000 Spot produces 33,000 lumens and features a quiet studio mode outputting 25,000 lumens. A 5:1 zoom covers an amazing 9 to 47 degrees without sacrificing output or clarity. The VL4000 Spot features high resolution optics and it can be precisely modified via the four blade shutter system.

The VL4000 BeamWash combines excellent wash capabilities with a powerful beam functionality without compromises. It produces 43,000 lumens and in DMX selectable studio mode 35,000 lumens in near silence. In Wash mode this luminaire has a 10 to 60 degree beam angle and in Beam mode it has a 4 to 40 degree beam angle. It’s clear the BeamWash is the perfect luminaire for wash, beam and shaft looks on any stage.