ETC Debuts Two New Theatrical Fixtures

ETC launched two new theatrical fixtures as part of a two-day-long international online event. The Source Four LED Series 3 and Desire Fresnel are the perfect pairing for any theatre looking to successfully launch themselves into the modern day with incredible brightness, impressive color mixing, and wireless DMX/RDM features.

Source Four LED Series 3 is the third generation of the color mixing LED fixture. When incandescent Source Four fixtures hit the market in 1992, they quickly became an industry favorite. As technology advanced, so did the fixtures. Now boasting an eight-color mixing system that includes deep red LEDs, you’ll be amazed at the nuanced colors you can create with this fixture. “With Series 3, you finally get your swatch book back,” says Broadway lighting designer Justin Townsend.

Uncover a depth and richness to fabrics, scenery, and most importantly, skin tones with the Lustr X8 array. If you’re looking for a tunable white-light, you also have the option with the Daylight HDR array.

Add the newly designed XDLT lens tubes for ultimate brightness from every location in your theatre. Hang these in a box boom, on a catwalk, or from the farthest back of house position, and know that with up to 13,000 lumens, their brightness will out-perform your expectations time and time again. Designers will also appreciate the reduced light leak and near-zero chromatic aberration.

ETC also adds a redesigned classic to their portfolio with Desire Fresnel. This Fresnel takes the best of the incandescent theatrical favourite and pairs it with the latest technology has to offer. A full eight-color array, wireless DMX/RDM, an intuitive user interface, and NFC configuration from your mobile device using ETC’s Set Light app are only a few of the features that come standard with Desire Fresnel.

Everything you love from incandescent Fresnels – smooth, beautiful light, impressive barn dooring, and adjustable zoom – has been incorporated into Desire Fresnel. ETC has reworked how the lamp and lens work together so you get more light through the entire zoom range.

Source Four LED Series 3 and Desire Fresnel are the perfect pairing for any theatre. Smooth wash, ultimate brightness, and impressive colour mixing for every stage. ETC is once again setting standards that are anything but standard.