Elation’s new Fuze MAX available now and shipping

After teasing attendees at the USITT show early in March with a first peek at the Fuze MAX, Elation Professional is shipping the new full-spectrum LED luminaire. The fixture will see its European debut April 26-29 at the Prolight + Sound show in Frankfurt (Hall 12.1, Stands B49, C49).

Available in Spot and Profile framing versions, the Fuze MAX has been designed for precision lighting applications such as theater, broadcast and Houses of Worship where a wider chromatic spectrum (including dynamic whites), a full feature set and outstanding quality is required, a specification that rivals 1000W/1200W class discharge fixtures.

The Fuze MAX Spot and Fuze MAX Profile, both automated LED moving heads, offer full-spectrum performance from a 92 CRI engine that utilises an 800W 5-color homogenized LED array of Red, Green, Blue, Mint, and Amber sources. The RGBMA LED engine produces fully blended colours across an impressively wide breadth of the colour spectrum like rich saturates and vibrant primary colours, along with pure dynamic whites that are tunable from 2400-8500K. The addition of Amber and Mint emitters has extended the possible range of colours, including warmer tones, theatrical whites and pastels. Colours blend quickly yet smoothly with natural colour transitions and no colour fringing.

The carefully tuned LEDs ensure accurate colour reproduction and dynamic whites while delivering a powerful output of over 21,000 total fixture lumens. Precision control over green/magenta allows for detailed colour accuracy, allowing the user to perfectly match light sources and create visual balance. Virtual colour temperature plus CMY emulation provides the designer with immediate access to the impressive LED colour array while a virtual gel library allows for easy recall of a variety of premixed shades.

The Fuze MAX uses advanced, high-quality optics that are razor sharp for crisp projections, and dimming of the LED engine is smooth and stepless with variable 16-bit dimming curve modes available to suit any application. Both the Fuze MAX Spot and Fuze MAX Profile house a motorized zoom that can adjust the beam angle from a tight 7-degrees to 53-degrees wide and ship with an included snoot attachment to position the beam even more precisely. The Fuze MAX Profile houses a full blackout framing system with four rotating blades and +/- 60 degree indexing for full control of the beam shape when required.

Designers have access to a comprehensive FX package that includes 19 gobos across three gobo wheels in the Fuze MAX Spot and 13 gobos across two gobo wheels in the Fuze MAX Profile. Both fixtures offer rotating and fixed glass gobos, ideal for aerials, textures or breakups, and an animation wheel can also be engaged to bring graphics to life. Effects can be multiplied via dual prisms (4-facet round and linear) and a dual variable frost filter (Medium/Wash) can be employed when designers wish to diffuse the light for softer gobo or wash effects. A motorised iris and high-speed electronic shutter and strobe can be engaged for further impression.

The Fuze MAX will be welcome in broadcast, theater and other noise sensitive environments thanks to its quiet operation and Mute mode option and LED refresh rate frequency can adjust remotely to avoid any flickering, a must when working with today’s sensitive camera systems.