Elation Fuze Profile Preferred Choice for Iconic Arena Wien

One of Austria’s more iconic live event venues, Arena Wien, sought to upgrade its storied performance stage with a new profile luminaire and chose Elation’s high-value Fuze Profile LED framing moving head for the job.

Arena, Vienna’s top alt-music venue, grew to prominence in the 70’s and 80’s as a platform for cultural and social activities and is still an important center for Viennese youth and alternative culture today. Located in a former slaughterhouse and possessing an old industrial charm, the venue houses a large hall for concerts, as well as two smaller rooms for events of all types.

Elation partner AVL-Medientechnik of Traiskirchen, located just south of Vienna, has been supplying consumables to Arena Wien for years so it was only natural that they were contacted about the lighting upgrade.

“Together with the lighting technicians at Arena, we looked for a suitable full-color lighting fixture that met the requirements of the location and one that had a good price-performance ratio,” stated AVL-Medientechnik CEO Christian Walter, who says he learned about the Fuze Profile from Elation sales representative for Austria Karl Lager. “After thoroughly looking at the luminaire, Arena Wien decided on 12 units as it was the best fixture and in the right price range.” Another important selling point, according to Christian, was AVL-Medientechnik’s in-house service workshop in which they fully service lighting equipment with personal, individualized service and no worries for the client.

Elation’s Fuze series has found a niche in the market whenever outstanding price:value ratio is an important factor like at Arena Wien. The Fuze Profile, with its 305W RGBMA LED engine and high CRI, is loaded with features: two gobo wheels, animation wheel, a full blackout framing system, 7° to 42° zoom, variable frost, prism, iris and more, and also provides color manipulation features like virtual colour temperature and Magenta / Green adjustment plus CMY emulation. Output is over 10,000 lumens.

“It’s a very high-value series of lights and one that appeals to many clients,” Christian said. “You get a full range of features and at a quality and price that is hard to beat.”

AVL-Medientechnik handled the complete upgrade project, including installation of the Fuze fixtures. The new lighting does not have a fixed position in the Arena rig but moves about as required by the variety of happenings the classic venue hosts from concerts by world-renowned bands and musical legends to festivals and a host of other live events.