Eilon Engineering Announces Five Year Warranty

Eilon Engineering has announced that as of September 1, 2018, all Eilon Engineering load monitoring systems are sold with a market-leading five-year limited warranty.

The five-year warranty, which includes the company’s popular Ron StageMaster products, is not only an assurance of product quality but an important peace-of-mind component for customers who purchase Eilon products.

“For over 40 years, Eilon Engineering’s uncompromising commitment to quality and safety has earned us a global reputation for excellence,” stated Eitan Eilon, CEO and President at Eilon Engineering.

“While a strong emphasis on continuous development and innovation has resulted in thousands of repeat customers, a long-term reliability study and careful analysis of Eilon service and repair statistics has proven what the company has always known – Eilon Engineering systems are extremely reliable. The new five-year warranty has been initiated as an acknowledgement of this record of quality, as well as a mark of confidence in Eilon products.”

Some of the world’s most demanding companies have put their trust in Eilon products to deliver the high-quality, safety-conscious products required to safeguard valuable equipment and protect lives. NASA, for example, has relied on Eilon Engineering products for over 20 years. Led by an assembly team that cannot afford to take risks, Ron StageMaster load cells are playing an important safety role in NASA’s mission to build the next-generation U.S. manned spacecraft. In the entertainment world, Eilon products have provided an added layer of safety protection on shows for years.