edelmat. installs AV Stumpfl screens in multi-functional meeting room

edelmat., the Berlin based specialist for AV equipment, hybrid events and installations, has regularly employed AV Stumpfl products for the realisation of their customers’ demanding projects in recent years.

The robustness and longevity of the projection screen frames in particular were factors that won over the sustainability focused company, with edelmat. also being a certified partner of the “sustainable meeting” management system.

Project leader Yannis Kleibohm describes the recent installation of AV Stumpfl screens as part of the creation of a multi-functional meeting room in Berlin: “The idea was that one would be able to use the room as either one big room, or partition it further into four smaller rooms, when needed. It was very important to keep the projection surfaces as inconspicuous as possible in this context. We ultimately opted for INLINE roll-up screens with ceiling integration frames for suspended ceilings.”

Roll-up screens from the INLINE product family are available in both standard and custom sizes and make it possible to let the lower edge of the screen disappear completely in its casing.

Customers also have the choice between using a noiseless motor or a smooth crank drive for their screens, that can also be fitted with a soft-rewind mechanism.

Kleibohm explains the process behind the decision making process that led to edelmat. choosing INLINE: “We had a team meeting, where we sat down together and compared different products, as well as reviewing our experiences from past projects. We also have AV Stumpfl products as part of our rental stock, which impressed us quite a bit. Ultimately, the flexibility and custom size option were what made us choose INLINE.”

The final result, which was both functional as well as visually appealing, greatly satisfied the end customer, as Kleibohm noted: “My colleague Ayke Bröcker and me are both very happy about the final installation, which expressed the objectives of the initial project briefing in a precise and stylish way. Our customer’s feedback was very positive.”