EAW Anna Provides Solution for Historic First United Methodist Church

When the First United Methodist Church in Canon City, Colorado, decided to upgrade their sound reinforcement system, they called in Colorado Springs-based DK Audio Video. One of the challenges the company faced was to design a system that would meet the church’s intelligibility and sonic requirements while also working within rigging restrictions placed on the building, which is listed in the Colorado State Register of Historic Properties.

“The room has a lot of reflection issues with a really high reverb, so intelligibility was important,” explained Lucas Lafferty, DK Audio Video. “Plus, we had to work with the same hanging points of the original cluster – no new drilling allowed. Fortunately, I was familiar with EAW’s Anna line array. I knew it would allow us to place sound on the seating area, keep it off hard surfaces and, because of its compact size, could be installed exactly where the old cluster was.”

Lucas ultimately specified a centre, small array, made up of two Anna modules. Anna modules, part of EAW’s Adaptive Series, utilise a high resolution array of discretely powered and processed acoustical devices along with EAW Resolution 2 software to create optimised coverage for the space.

Each Anna module includes eight HF compression drivers; four 5-inch MF cone transducers; and dual 10-inch LF cone transducers employing Offset Aperture loading to extend horizontal pattern control. Fourteen built-in amplifier and processing channels enable independent power and control of each speaker component. Resolution 2 software controls the processing of each acoustic cell individually to generate the ideal coverage pattern for the venue

“We needed to throw 120 feet to the back of the sanctuary and cover 140 feet across. Once we plugged those specifications into Resolution, along with where the cluster had to be hung, we were set. We used the built in DSP and had the system optimised in no time,” Lucas concluded. “No other product could have done what Anna has accomplished. People come up to us amazed that they can actually hear the service. The church is beyond pleased with the end result.”