disguise Releases 17.4 Software Update

disguise’s latest software release, 17.4, combined with its new RenderStream software, rx and vx hardware bundle creates the complete solution for hosting real-time content from render engines, Unreal Engine and Notch.

A proven cog in xR workflows for experience creation, disguise designed the vx, rx and RenderStream bundle as a complete toolset for delivering real-time content into unique physical spaces. Be it a stage, a set, studio or stadium, rx and RenderStream support a robust and integrated delivery platform for managing complex setups.

disguise has recognised the demand for immersive real-time production and their latest release, 17.4, showcases features that were identified through the Netflix virtual production initiative NLAB, with partners Lux Machina and Fuse Technical Group. The knowledge gained from experimentation and feature testing has optimised their already market-leading workflow for virtual production on set.

RenderStream is a proprietary video-over-IP protocol that synchronises and transfers content between render engines and final composition machines. It provides low latency, uncompressed video transfer and sends control metadata to sync camera tracking between disguise and the render engine in addition to providing parameter control from disguise to the render engine. This new approach to the technology stack allows disguise to move towards a scale-out rendering approach.

With r17.4, RenderStream users can access advanced DX12 features in Unreal such as Ray Tracing to create best-in-class photorealistic content capturing accurate reflections, refractions and shadows. In collaboration with Adrián Pueyo, Virtual Production Supervisor Orca VFX, disguise optimised the workflow further. “The disguise approach to virtual production has been a game-changer for us, in terms of pipeline, scalability, colour management and performance. While Unreal Engine focuses on rendering its real-time astonishing scenes, the disguise system does what it does better than anything else. This means we have a pipeline with enormous flexibility, where clients can bring their own scenes with literally no restrictions from our side.”

disguise has enabled creative freedom and provided the vision to scale in ways that couldn’t be done previously. The ability to scale out real-time generative content is key to enabling that freedom and this is just the beginning. “rx, RenderStream and new vx products are key beachhead technologies for addressing the need to scale out rather than scale up,” said disguise CTO Ed Plowman.

By offboarding render engines, the user can scale hardware to handle multi-camera setups, complex content design, and even multiple engines working together in the same scene. More render engines can be added with more rx boxes to expand the ecosystem as the technology develops.

The demand for disguise to provide a next-generation backbone for immersive real-time production and performance spaces has exploded since the beginning of the year. xR stages worldwide are already using disguise rx for advanced uncompressed capability and disguise xR stages have delivered a range of shows and shoots from MTV’s Video Music Awards (VMA) and shows for Orca and SAP have also deployed rx and RenderStream.

“disguise is excited to add the vx, rx, and RenderStream bundle to our product offerings as the demand for xR and virtual production increases daily across media and entertainment, corporate and educational markets,” says disguise CEO Fernando Kufer. “With the rx and RenderStream bundle, customers will have the one-stop solutions they need to take advantage of new opportunities in this fast-evolving arena.”

Discover the latest rx and RenderStream, now available for pre-order.