DiGiCo names Austin Freshwater as new Managing Director

DiGiCo has named Austin Freshwater as its new Managing Director.

Freshwater, who has been General Manager since 2017, takes the reigns from long-serving MD James Gordon, who remains CEO of parent company, Audiotonix. The move signals a new era for DiGiCo, which has revolutionised and grown to dominate the digital mixing console market since its inception in 2002.

Audiotonix – which also owns Allen & Heath, Calrec, DiGiGrid, Group One Limited, KLANG:technologies, Solid State Logic, and newly acquired Sound Devices LLC – has been impressed with Freshwater’s performance over the last four years. His capabilities have been further emphasised against the unpredictable landscape of the Covid-19 pandemic.

“His performance and behaviour over the last 18-months has been nothing short of phenomenal,” says Gordon. “He’s done an amazing job in a company that, to be very honest, is used to winning all of the time. Pandemic aside, he’s always been the right guy for the job.”

Audiotonix COO, Helen Culleton, commented: “Someone new coming in would potentially have a lot to prove within an already established team, but at DiGiCo we nurture people to achieve. That’s always been the same for anyone who comes in, we want them to succeed.”
Knowing your company’s DNA and customer base is, Helen notes, the reason each of the companies within Audiotonix have been “thriving for decades.”

DiGiCo’s Marketing Manager, Maria Fiorellino, added: “Austin has been an extra layer of support within the company. Having him with us has strengthened our relationships too, which is amazing, because our history goes back to the very beginning.”

As he looks forward to guiding DiGiCo through the company’s future challenges and successes, Austin is keen to serve its global customer-base. “I want to replicate the relationships James has built,” he says. “Not replace them by any means but add to them and offer that extra bit of support. After all, if you’re not driven to be the best for your customers, what are you doing it for?”

The move will bolster confidence as DiGiCo moves into a new era of leadership, with Austin concluding: “I’m here to ensure DiGiCo continues to develop along the path of excellence it’s been on since day one.”