d&b CPO J-Series makes the scene in new Times Square venue

A certified pre-owned (CPO) d&b J-Series loudspeaker system has been installed in NEBULA, the new Times Square hot spot. Photo: NEBULA

A certified pre-owned (CPO) d&b J-Series loudspeaker system has been installed in NEBULA, the new Times Square hot spot, featuring world-renowned and up-and-coming DJs. On a recent Sunday night, Diplo performed a special set from his new electronic album at this premier nightclub.

Technical Arts Group (TAG) of New York and Miami was responsible for the audio and lighting installation in the 11,000 square foot dual level space. “Moving into mid-town was a bold move but it’s a great fit,” states Yang Gao, owner. “Manhattan needed a large-scale music-driven immersive venue. NEBULA fills that void.”

The CPO program at d&b was born from the long-term corporate commitment to voluntarily meet the requirements of effective substantiality. Extending the life of a loudspeaker system is a small but powerful way of providing premium audio while helping to protect the natural world. CPO systems are meticulously remanufactured to the original factory quality standards and offered with a manufacturer warranty. “The d&b CPO J-Series was chosen because it’s a sustainable solution,” adds Gao.

One of the challenges faced with the building, was to gain the height to fly a PA and lighting grid. The floor had to be dug out approximately four feet. “The J-Series has been a staple product in the audio industry for over a decade,” states John Gonzalez, Technical Arts Group. “We easily achieved the SPL we were looking to hit while maintaining a substantial amount of headroom and still experiencing the warmth that the J-Series has been known for. Regarding the choice of a Certified Pre-owned system, the decision was a no-brainer. We were able to offer a superior and sustainable product to the client, with all the benefits of a new system, but at a reduced price point.”

NEBULA has a seating/standing capacity of 550 between the main floor and the mezzanine. “The current focus of the audience is Techno and EDM DJs,” said Gonzalez. “Hip hop is also offered on Tuesdays as well as use of the venue for corporate and private events. TAG is working with the owners to enhance the stage so they can diversify their offerings for possible live events in the future.”

“As a classically trained musician, I am still amazed with our PA system,” noted Gao. “We are running it with every kind of application – hip hop, EDM, house, techno, performances – and it doesn’t matter the application, the system can handle it with ease and the headroom to put my mind at ease. The TAG team did a great job on the initial install and over months, fine-tuned it. I think we are at the perfect spot now.”