DAS Audio Helps Seattle Revival Centre Deliver a Crystal-Clear Message

DAS Audio Helps Seattle Revival Centre Deliver a Crystal-Clear Message

Seattle Revival Centre in Washington recently elected a new sound system.

To ensure first-rate speech intelligibility and music reproduction capabilities, loudspeakers from the Event and Action Series catalogues of Valencia, Spain-based DAS Audio was installed.

One Pro Audio Video Lighting, Washington, a design/build firm was contracted to coordinate and deploy Seattle Revival Centre’s new SR system. Working in close coordination with Quincy Owen Solutions of Lynnwood, WA, a consulting firm. The One Pro Audio Video Lighting team ultimately deployed a sound system consisting of DAS Audio Event-208A 3-way active line array enclosures, Event-218A powered subwoofers and Action M12A stage monitors.

Darren Chilson, Owner and CEO of One Pro Audio Video Lighting explained: “Seattle Revival Centre’s worship services are both contemporary and charismatic.

“The sanctuary’s stage spans almost the entire width of the room, which accommodates a good 350 or more people. Seating is moveable, and the ceiling height is 35 feet at the room’s centre point. The church makes regular use of both a live vocal team and a praise band, so music is a vital component of their services. In addition to speech intelligibility, they wanted the loudspeakers to be positioned in such a way so as not to interfere with line-of-sight considerations.”

To address the church’s requirements, the One Pro Audio Video Lighting team flew DAS Event-208A line array elements—four each for the left and right hangs—over the front edges of the stage area. For low-frequency support, they deployed two DAS Event-218A subwoofers. These enclosures are positioned on the floor, with one each at the left and right edges of the front-most stage area. For on-stage monitoring, there are four DAS Action M12A stage monitors, which can be freely positioned depending upon the requirements of any particular service.

Darren added: “Consistent sound quality throughout the sanctuary was equally important to church management. In this regard, the DAS Event-208A line arrays really deliver—both in terms of intelligibility and dispersion. The Event-208A’s compact form factor was yet another important consideration because they don’t block the view of the stage area. While they are visible from the congregation’s perspective, they don’t distract.”

Darren rates DAS Audio very highly, he said: “It has been amazing to work with the DAS team. They have quick response times, they are very professional, and they allowed us to demo their products side by side against the competition. The design process was assisted by DAS Audio’s Chris Gonzalez. Chris provided unprecedented support throughout the entire project, from the demonstration of all the gear to finalising the Ease Focus models. We were very impressed.”

Seattle Revival Centre’s first service with their new SR system took place in early June and, since that time, Darren reported that the project has been a tremendous success.