Dahua Technology strikes distribution partnership with ABCOM

Dahua Technology strikes distribution partnership with ABCOM.

Dahua Technology, a video-centric smart IoT solutions and service provider, announces a strategic partnership with Dubai-headquartered ABCOM Distribution. The partnership between the two companies is arguably one of the biggest industry developments in the pandemic aftermath in MENA.

The distribution partnership follows Dahua Technology’s ambitious entry into the smart IoT and digital signage segment. Previously, Dahua’s offerings in the MENA market mainly focused on video surveillance devices and solutions, where the conglomerate boasts a leading position globally.

ABCOM, founded in 2005, specializes in audio-visual and IT distribution, having catered to the needs of various industries, such as education, public administration, events, healthcare, and religious establishments. ABCOM’s colossal dealer base in the region is expected to supercharge Dahua’s product and service aspirations in MENA.

“The smart IoT and digital signage solutions bear all hallmarks of Dahua’s technological excellence. We have partnered with a reputable distributor in ABCOM, which is also aligned with our vision of providing customers with best-in-class solutions. The new-gen products and strategic partnerships represent Dahua’s multi-pronged approach to increasing its market presence in the region,” said Brant Shen, General Manager of Dahua Technology MENA.

Digital signage solutions have witnessed significant uptake in recent years, thanks to various credible studies linking them with higher views and recall rates compared to traditional media channels. Consequently, leveraging its extensive expertise in video technologies, Dahua has developed top-notch digital signage products with an eye-catching display, high integration capabilities, unified management, and superior performance.

The offerings also include outdoor variants that boast protective tempered glass and resilience in extreme weather conditions. ABCOM will also disburse Dahua’s top-grade monitors, video walls and indoor/outdoor fixed and mobile LED displays to customers in MENA. The unmatched product quality is owed to Dahua’s robust R&D strategy, which involves sizable human capital (over 50% of nearly 22,000 employees working in R&D) and physical capital (investing approximately 10% of its sales revenue to R&D every year).

“Partnership with a conglomerate of Dahua’s calibre attests to our strengths as a leading distributor in the region. This comes at a time when we were also gearing up for expansion across GCC. There is a strong appetite for smart IoT and digital signage products in the market, following the digitalization-powered post-pandemic revival in service sectors and retail. The synergy between Dahua and ABCOM is momentous — for the industry and, most importantly, the customers,” said Pradeep Kumar, General Manager, ABCOM Distribution LLC.

ABCOM joins a reputable list of Dahua’s distribution partners in more than 180 countries. With a global marketing and service network, Dahua technology has established 57 branches, including the one in Jumeirah Lake Towers, Dubai, from where it caters to customers across the MENA region. The game-changing partnership with ABCOM is expected to further enhance Dahua’s service capabilities.