Crowdbeamer: The Game Changer for Presentations

AED Display becomes distributor of the new Crowdbeamer solution for the Benelux countries and Germany: a concept that allows the presenter to immediately broadcast images and presentations to the multiple mobile devices of the audience.

The Crowdbeamer device brings the benefits of real-time presentation sharing to both the presenter and the audience, anywhere you want. It’s portable. It doesn’t require an internet connection. It shares any type of content, including video. And it delivers up-to-the-minute handouts to the audience, without the need for any paper.

Using the Crowdbeamer free mobile app, the audience gets the content delivered on their laptops, tablets and smartphones. Getting a clear view of what you present, everybody stays focused on what’s relevant for them – deciding which content to capture, and how to add notes, mark text, attach tags… and build a private library of personalized information, sync it to the cloud, or save it to Everynote or Microsoft OneNote.

The Crowdbeamer products are now available at AED Display in sales and rent. For a Crowdbeamer demo, please contact your AED account manager.