Countryman Microphones for Jukebox Hero The Musical

When Jukebox Hero The Musical, a celebration of Foreigner’s music, was performed at the Jubilee Auditoriums in Calgary and Edmonton, FM Systems was contracted to provide sound reinforcement services. For a show like Jukebox Hero, FM Systems had to ensure that the music conveyed all the emotion of the story, so they put 22 Countryman H6 headset microphones into service with Shure Axient Digital and UHF-R wireless microphone systems.

The show’s sound was designed by renowned NYC Theatre Sound Designer, Ben Selke. Selke had specified that dual ear, omnidirectional microphones be used on stage. Marlin Jones, President of FM Systems, assisted by FOH Engineer Curtis Jacobs, and FM’s resident RF Guru and monitor engineer Brad Harris, were instrumental in managing the many technical considerations to ensure the show’s success. For them, the Countryman H6 was a clear choice.

Martin explained: “First and foremost, audio quality and low handling noise are crucial considerations for any miniature microphone. Countryman microphones were an exceptional choice. Their sound is clear, natural, and articulate, and the H6 delivers high gain before feedback, so getting suitable levels was never an issue.”

FOH Engineer, Curtis Jacobs, had the talent’s comfort and performance in mind. He commented, “In a theatrical setup, proper fit and eliminating distractions for the performer are very important factors. The H6 is very easily adjusted to the performer’s head, resulting in a comfortable, secure fit that allows talent to focus on their performance. Plus, these mics are very reliable and available in a variety of colours to blend with the artist’s skin tone.”