Copper Leaf Media Redefines Industry Marketing & PR

Industry veterans, Kiera Leeming of KLPR and Roland Hemming of RH Consulting, have joined forces to create Copper Leaf Media, a new creative content and PR agency specialised in pro audio, AV and entertainment technology.

“We created Copper Leaf for two very simple reasons,” explained Hemming. “Firstly, to separate marketing activity away from the pure audio consultancy side which remains with RH Consulting. Secondly because it was an opportunity to provide the industry with something that, to our knowledge, is unique: a full service creative content and PR agency underpinned by the deep technical knowledge and insight of our team”.

“We are delighted to have Kiera on board who, in my view, is one of the top PR professionals in the industry,” continued Hemming, “and on our side we have Tess Weller who is a dedicated digital media specialist, and Ryan Penny who is not only a digital media and web expert, but a fully-fledged sound engineer and audio consultant in his own right, plus of course what I can bring to the table myself. We are all highly qualified, and in Kiera’s and my case, vastly experienced professionals. No other marketing agency has the deep understanding of the technology we all talk about”.

Kiera Leeming agrees. “Roland and I have known each other for over two decades and recent years have seen us working together very successfully on some joint projects, so this was a logical step for us both,” she noted. “However, when we started to explore the possibilities more thoroughly, we realised that by pooling our skills and experience, we could actually create a resource that is currently unmatched in this industry; I don’t think that any other creative agency has access to the level of technical competence embodied by Copper Leaf thanks to its close association with RHC, and it’s an undeniable advantage in marketing terms”.