Community Provides Ideal Coverage for Christ the Redeemer Church

Built in the 1980’s, Christ the Redeemer Parish Church is a thriving part of the community in Atco, New Jersey. From more humble beginnings, when Deacon Charles “Chick” McAleer was part of the team that helped wire the original Church, the initial sound system used just six pendant style loudspeakers distributed down the sides of the congregation seating. Localisation, intelligibility and overall sound quality were lacking for today’s worship services, which can be attended by over 800 people. Music now also plays a much greater part in many services.

The Church found JD Sound & Video through an internet search and, after seeing the work they had done for other local churches and Catholic high schools, invited them for a consultation. JD Sound & Video designed a system using Community’s E SERIES ENTASYS loudspeakers, having previously used them with great results. They also set up a demo to enable the choir director, priest and other parishioners to hear exactly what the system would sound like.

Fully satisfied by the demo, the installation proceeded. The columns that flanked the altar provided the perfect location for the ENTASYS loudspeakers to cover the entire church. On each column, JD Sound & Video installed a double stack of full-range ENT-FR for the congregation, with ENT212 for the choir and ENT206 for altar fill. Additional low frequency reinforcement for music is provided by Community VLF208LV subwoofers at the base of each column.

Joe DiSabatino, president and lead design engineer of JD Sound & Video, commented, “The big selling point of ENTASYS was that we didn’t have to fly any large cabinets or install delay loudspeakers. The entire congregation is covered by the double stack of ENTASYS, and gain before feedback is great. With a ceiling height of 48-feet at its centre, the narrow vertical and wide horizontal dispersion of ENTASYS minimised room reflections and provided even coverage of the room’s 103-foot width and 68-foot depth with ease.”

The entire system is powered by QSC CXD-series amplifiers and is processed and controlled by a QSC Q-SYS system. The Core250 also provides control of the power sequencer and video system. A seven-inch touch panel provides users with simple mode selection and operation of microphone levels. Control is also available from any location using the Church’s iPad. Four channels of Shure QLXD wireless microphones were installed and feature both handheld and bodypack transmitters.

JD Sound & Video also upgraded the Church’s video with a Barco 7,500 lumen projector and two 164-inch Da-Lite fixed screens. A ClearOne PTZ camera allows for streaming services and events live, while a 55-inch monitor provides the choir with a video preview. In addition to mass, the big screens are used for readings and songs, and also for musical events, presentations and movie nights throughout the year. The system also has the capability to stream audio and video from the parish hall next door.

DiSabatino concluded, “The even coverage and high intelligibility of the audio are very impressive. Designing it in combination with the video upgrade, we’ve been able to provide the church with a system that really communicates and involves the congregation.”