Community IV6 Arrays for West Jacksonville Baptist Church

Stellar Audio Visual has completed the installation of a new sound system for West Jacksonville Baptist Church, using Community’s latest IV6 modular vertical array loudspeakers. Located in Jacksonville, Florida, the church was founded in 1954 as the Normandy Baptist Temple, being renamed West Jacksonville Baptist Church in May 2000. A welcoming and flourishing family church, it sets itself high standards for audio visual performance.

Rod Thomas of Stellar Audio Visual explained the choice of loudspeakers: “The Community loudspeakers were chosen because of their very natural warm sound and aesthetic design. Along with sound quality, placement of the loudspeakers and even coverage were prime concerns of the client. The way the loudspeakers are designed to blend into the room was aesthetically appealing and they are out of line of sight without compromising sound quality.”

The church auditorium seats approximately 600 people and is covered by two Community IV6 vertical arrays, flown either side of the main stage. Each array comprises three IV6-1122 wide-dispersion 12-inch two-way array elements. IV6 incorporates physical- and acoustic-shaping tools that allowed Stellar Audio Visual to tailor the arrays to the congregation. This included use of each cabinet’s Passive Acoustic Optimization module and EASE Focus 3 to calculate the ideal passive array parameters for each loudspeaker. Thomas observed: “With both spoken word and live music, the sound quality and SPL consistency throughout the listening area is outstanding.”

For consistent audio quality, Stellar Audio Visual used Community IC6-2082 dual 8-inch two-way loudspeakers to cover the seating at the rear of the stage. The system is controlled from an Allen & Health SQ7 console, with BSS processing and Crown amplification. For vocal quality, the system uses Shure QLX-D wireless microphones.

Thomas concluded: “Community’s IV6 was the ideal solution for this application and met the high performance and aesthetic standards set by the customer. The church is very pleased with its new system.”