CODA Audio Launches New Website

Loudspeaker system manufacturer, CODA Audio, has announced the launch of its brand new website, which is now live and available for all to browse.

The site has been re-designed and re-engineered from the ground up to offer a more intuitive navigation experience, allowing browsers an easy path to their specific area of interest.

The project to improve and streamline the CODA Audio site was seen as a priority by David ‘Webby’ Webster on joining the company as Director of Global Marketing in September last year. He is delighted with the outcome: “My first experience of CODA Audio systems was hearing them and being completely sold on their unbelievable performance and brilliant design. That’s the message I want to reinforce across the world and it’s my aim to use every means at our disposal to guide all stakeholders in the audio sector towards our unique and peerless products. As well as guiding visitors to explore in depth the range of products on offer, I also wanted to ensure that we provide an insight into the technologies which enable us to reduce the size and weight of our enclosures beyond those of all other brands, whilst simultaneously maintaining the highest level of sonic performance.

“The existing site served a purpose but as is often the case with these things, there was plenty of room for improvement,” he continued. “If our website is a window on CODA Audio from the outside world, it needs to offer those looking in the clearest possible view of who we are, what we create and what our systems can do for them and I believe we’ve achieved that. You might say the glass is now sparkling! Visitors to, regardless of the nature of their interest, will now find a beautifully presented site that is easy to navigate and gives them as much as or as little information as they require about all things CODA.”