Claypaky Supersharpys Illuminate One of Cairo’s Biggest Ballrooms

The Al Masah Hotel and Spa in Cairo has installed 16 Claypaky Supersharpy moving heads provided by AV equipment retailer, Audio Technology. The fixtures were part of a new build phase at the luxury hotel, a favourite for hosting prestigious weddings and events in the capital.

The Supersharpys were installed in the lighting grid of the hotel’s Andalusite Hall, one of the largest ballrooms in Cairo. It seats up to 1,200 guests and features 15 balconies for private celebrity and VIP invitees.

“We know the outstanding performance of the Supersharpy with its powerful beam light and recommended it to the client,” said Emad Adly, Audio Technology’s President.

Following the extraordinary worldwide success of the Sharpy, Claypaky introduced the Supersharpy, an ACL beam-type moving head featuring a 470-watt lamp. The fixture’s light beam is three times brighter than Sharpy’s and reaches never-seen-before mid-air distances making it the first low-wattage beam light that can really challenge a searchlight.

In addition to being a more powerful beam light, Supersharpy also offers advanced optics and high-performance electronics. Its colour wheels and gobos produce a wide range of effects, and its frost unit simulates a wash projection.

“The fixtures are used in many different setups as required by the events staged in the ballroom,” noted Emad. “The Supersharpys offer diversity and flexibility for these events and have been performing just great. The client is very happy with them,” Emad reported.