Christie Launches Mystique Lite and Christie Conductor

Christie is making it easier for customers to install and maintain seamlessly blended images and monitor and control their projection systems with the launch of two new free software solutions – Christie Mystique Lite and Christie Conductor.

Multi-projector arrays, projection mapping, and complex screen shapes and surfaces require expert image configuration, alignment, warping and blending – processes that can take hours of painstaking work. Christie Mystique is a camera-based alignment and recalibration solution for supported Christie projectors that can quickly install, align, calibrate, and maintain multi-projection systems.

Like the other software editions in the Mystique family, Christie Mystique Lite removes the time-consuming work of image alignment in multi-projector arrays. Mystique Lite is a free software download. It works with an inexpensive third-party webcam to warp, blend and align up to three supported Christie projectors in a single horizontal projector array on a flat surface or screen with the click of a button. The intuitive interface automatically detects the projectors and webcam, allowing users to easily mark the corners of their screen to then align, blend and warp an image. For more complex applications, there is an easy upgrade path to any of the other Mystique editions.

Christie Conductor is a free advanced monitoring and control software solution for up to 256 Christie 3DLP projectors. Conductor enables end users to proactively diagnose technical issues, execute repetitive processes with a single click, and keep projectors working optimally, reducing the risk of downtime and saving hours of manual work. Originally designed for the Al Wasl Plaza dome at Expo 2020 Dubai to monitor and control the 252 Christie D4K40-RGB projectors installed, Conductor allows operators to perform remote firmware updates of many projectors at once, view the health status of multiple projectors via a list or status map, as well as automatically power up and down the projectors, all from their desktop.

“Mystique Lite and Conductor software save time and make complex projection systems easier to operate and maintain, removing hours of manual work,” said Brad Martin, Senior Product Manager, Christie. “Both are available for our newest 3DLP projector, Griffyn 4K32-RGB, which is not only the smallest and quietest 34,000 lumen RGB pure laser projector on the market, it’s now easier to manage.”

Christie Mystique Lite will be available early July, and Christie Conductor is available now for free download at