Chauvet Professional Helps Entech Renew Color Magic’s Sparkle

Chauvet Lights-Color Line - March 2019 - copyright by Stephan Kwiecinski -

Boasting 1000 cabins and 54 suites, the MS Color Magic is officially the world’s largest cruise ferry. For guests on her regular voyage between Oslo, Norway, and Kiel, Germany, however, Color Magic’s real appeal lies in its generous onboard activities and entertainment, which includes a fully-equipped theatre, shopping mall and nightclub.

After having installed over 50 Chauvet Professional Maverick MK2 Spot and Wash fixtures as part of the vessel’s 2018 entertainment upgrade, which included installations in both the theatre and nightclub, Entech International was once again brought on board to work its magic within the ship’s promenade area, specifying 14 Chauvet Professional Maverick MK2 Spot and 12 Maverick MK2 Wash fixtures to provide multifaceted architectural and event illumination.

In addition to providing a more efficient upgrade to replace the outdated lighting equipment on the ship, which is owned by Color Line, the new Maverick fixtures created opportunities to enliven the pop-up shows, acrobatic performances, magic performances and other activities taking place on the promenade, as well as providing ambient lighting throughout the crossing.

“After last year’s successful theatre upgrade, we were confident that the Maverick Spot and Wash combination would be more than capable of providing a number of punchy, yet precise, looks to transform the promenade,” commented Simon Featherstone, Project Manager at Entech International. “As a result, we knew that the versatility of the fixtures would provide a great solution for Color Line.”

Positioned from several high-level trussing beams spanning the promenade area and its array of shops, bars, mini stages and restaurants from port to starboard sides, the 440W Maverick MK2 Spot fixtures provide a number of concentrated effects for a host of different supporting atmospheres. “The MK2 Spot’s 5-facet prism and frost effects allow for the introduction of some very soft and subtle textures over the general promenade and the performance bridge spanning the walkway,” said Featherstone. “Also, the 13º – 37º zoom range comes in exceptionally handy when you consider the height of the trussing.”

Given that many promenade activities take place during daylight hours as well as in the evening, it was imperative that any effects and concentrated bursts of illumination be bright enough to contend with the Nordic sun – which can shine for up to 18 hours in peak summertime. According to Featherstone, “The sheer brightness of the fixtures means that daylight interference is minimized, thus ensuring that gobo and prism effects can be seen clearly throughout the day.”

Serving up engaging saturated wash effects throughout the promenade are the MK2 Wash fixtures, which are also positioned from the trussing above. Thanks to 12 (40W) Osram RGBW LEDs, pixel mapping effects and CTO color mixing, Featherstone and his team utilized the Maverick MK2 Wash fixtures to bring supporting atmosphere to both the promenade area and its activities.

“The color mixing ability of the washes allows for efficient and seamless changes in atmosphere – from bright, vivid saturated energy to support the program of events, to providing subtle nuances for highlighting the architectural contours of the promenade,” he continued. “The fixtures also have a pretty decent punch, which in turn provides an incredible spectacle when combined with the Spots.”

Due to the fact that refurbishments for cruise ferries of this kind normally require the ship to be docked, considerations such as size, weight and ease of setup were at the forefront of Entech’s considerations in selecting an appropriate set of fixtures. Crucially for Entech, however, the compact light weight of the Chauvet fixtures and their ease of installation ensured that the job could be completed in one overnight session.

With the install completed and up and running, passengers on the world’s largest ferry are already reaping the rewards, thanks to Entech’s decision to incorporate the Maverick fixtures into the promenade. “Our decision to go with the Mavericks has been a win-win for everyone involved,” concluded Featherstone. “While guests can now enjoy top-quality lighting atmosphere, Color Line benefits from the low power consumption and reliability of the LED fixtures.”