CHAUVET Professional Brings Versatile Looks To Expedition Reynaert

Woven in and out of English, German, French and Dutch language fables since the early medieval period, the anthropomorphic trickster Reynaert the Fox has succeeded in eluding capture for centuries.

Keeping the legend of the fox alive was Expedition Reynaert, an immersive bike tour in Belgium that culminated in a captivating museum experience, complete with an informative exhibition and engaging performances. Central to bringing the legend of Reynaert to life was local design studio, which specified 24 CHAUVET Professional Ovation E-260WW, eight STRIKE 1 and 12 Maverick MK2 Wash fixtures as part of their comprehensive visual concept. relied on lighting to reflect the varied environments that participants experience during their visit to the museum. At the same time, the studio’s designers also made sure to provide theatrical lighting support during the live performance part of the event.

Central to providing illumination of the different houses within the central area – a mockup village – were the Ovation fixtures, which were positioned from hidden ceiling trussing. Thanks to the 230W LED tungsten emulating light source, Chief Designer Olivier De Baere was able to create flat and even distribution over the facades, which succeeded in awarding the space with a theatrical touch. “The Ovations were crucial elements providing highlighting of the different houses,” commented Olivier. “The diffuse filter came in especially useful to enhance the smooth warm swathes of light, thus providing excellent coverage of the houses.”

The STRIKE 1 fixtures, on the other hand, were positioned directly above the central ‘square’ for general illumination and special effects. Thanks to their bold 230W source – which also harbours the same warm white tungsten emulating effects as the Ovations – a warm and enticing atmosphere could be created to lure visitors into the square. Providing an interesting visual counterpoint within the main square, the Maverick MK2 Wash fixtures, powered by 12 (40W) Osram RGBW LEDs, were selected by De Baere to create vibrant colours and punchy wash effects.

“The Mavericks created exciting and saturated light effects on the ceiling,” commented Olivier. “The delicious reds and saturated hues bring the otherwise dark ceiling to life. The whole combination of fixtures instills a certain sense of excitement into the experience, which is exactly what the story of Reynaert is all about!”