CHAUVET Professional adds Vibrancy to South African Temple

The Hanuman Chalisa is the most popular hymn chanted in praise of the Hindu deity Hanuman. Recited daily by Hindus throughout the world, the 40 verses of this devotional mantra are an immense source of energy, focus and vitality for both the body and mind. The power and vibrancy of this ancient ritual were brilliantly reflected recently by a vividly coloured lighting design, created by designer Shaniel Laloo, using a collection of Rogue fixtures from CHAUVET Professional.

Laloo of JYM Sound Lighting & Staging created his design for a Hanuman Chalisa celebration at the Hindu temple in Laudium, a centre of South Africa’s large Indian population. The Hanuman Chalisa is very important to the people at the temple and Laloo wanted lighting that would support the ceremony and look good on video.

Using six Rogue R2 Wash moving RGBW LED fixtures and an equal number of Rogue R2 Spots with 240 Watt LED engines, Laloo accomplished this in brilliant fashion. Drawing on the Rogue Wash unit’s 12-49 degrees zoom range and five zones of LED control, he bathed the temple stage in an array of lush colours that ranged from oranges, deep reds and blues to softer yellows, greens and peach tones.

The rainbow of colours played off well against the textures of the scenic curtains that were draped in a variety of arrangements from the stage backdrop. Augmenting the total effect were the crisp and complex logos projected by the Rogue R2 Spot, which features gobo morphing technology as well as a 16.5 degrees beam angle.

Laloo continued by stating he had a great ‘canvas’ to work on with the scenic curtains and that the gobo patterns and the changing colours of the light accented the waves in the curtains, which created nice immersive looks that contributed to the experience.

Laloo used six truss totems that measured 2 metres (6.6 feet) in height at the temple. He positioned Rogue R2 Spots on four of the truss structure and Rogue R2 Washes on the two other units. These fixtures were used to light the stage and scenic background. The remaining two spot and four wash fixtures were called upon to illuminate the facing of the stage as well as provide ambient lighting at key points around the room.

Laloo appreciated the quiet operation and low heat generation of the Rogue spots and washes, given that he was lighting a crowded house of worship. Laloo commented the following: “We wanted the lighting to contribute to the Hanuman Chalisa, not distract people with noise. The Rogues did everything we asked of them. The looks we created were definitely in keeping with the spirit of the occasion.”