CDD Stars, Both Inside and Out, at New Brisbane Waterfront Venue

Stanley, a new Cantonese restaurant on the waterfront of Brisbane’s Howard Smith Wharves, has complemented head chef Louis Tikaram’s fine mix of locally sourced cuisine, with a top quality Martin Audio sound system.

The restaurant needed help with designing and implementing an audio system that delivered high quality and balanced audio across the two-storey venue, both indoors and out. It also needed a single touch point that would be simple to operate by any member of staff, depending on the atmosphere required, with automatic control to provide specific level adjustments to comply with their licence.

So they turned to locally-based Ampd Electronics to create the stunning aural environment. Designing, modelling and confirming layouts prior to installation, they were able to deliver a custom, high quality selection of Martin Audio components, based around the popular CDD (Coaxial Differential Dispersion) series—all under QSYS control.

Working with the interior designers they identified the best locations to ensure even coverage while the system’s sleek design complemented the intricate wood panelling that lines the walls and ceilings. A complete tuning of the system was performed to deliver optimum quality—both inside and out.

To achieve this they specified 11 of the powerful CDD8 for the interior, with 14 weatherised CDD8-WR and six CDD6-WR for seamless audio when transitioning from inside to outside areas. These IP54-rated outdoor speakers were hidden in the surrounding gardens to maintain the restaurant’s aesthetic and the immersive experience for customers.

A further four SX110 ultra-compact subwoofers provide LF extension where necessary.

The signature sound of Martin Audio’s ceiling speaker range in the shape of 19 C6.8T ceiling speakers and a C8.1T (for the higher ceiling area) continue the experience throughout the ancillary areas, such as back hallways and bathrooms of the restaurant.

Martin Audio has a heavy presence right through the Howard Smith Wharves development, that has been constructed at a cost of 250m AUD on a premium waterfront site.