Cankarjev Dom Boosts Robe Stock

Cankarjev Dom, one of Slovenia’s biggest and busiest cultural and congress centres, has added Robe Spiiders, BMFLs Blades and CycFX8s to its already extensive stock of Robe moving lights, which also includes Robe Pointes; expanding its overall inventory to 150 Robe lighting fixtures.

The lighting purchases are part of ongoing investments which ensure that the 70% state funded and 30% self-funded organisation keeps moving with the times and is able to offer its wide roster of shows the best possible production values.

The venue had been eyeing Robe BMFLS for some time, explained Technical Director Karmen Klučar, who has been working there for 25 years in different roles, the last nine in the top slot. Karmen oversees a technical and maintenance department of 75 people.

“It’s hugely powerful and properly multifunctional,” explained Carmen. “As well as being very easy to use and work. The animation wheels are excellent and the big zoom range is exactly what we needed. For what it does, the size is compact and the weight low”.

Lighting Technician Lovro Jevšek also likes the zoom along with the “fabulous” colour mixing, the animation wheels and the “great” gobos. They are now used on almost every show.

The Cankarjev Dom’s BMFLs and Pointes are packaged into neat 4-way dollies so they can be easily moved around to different parts of the complex. The eight new CycFX 8s were purchased for their brightness, the range of colours that can be created with the RGBW mixing and use the CTO filters.

They are ideal for a multi-purpose performance space like this. “We used them for cyc lights, front lights – for which they are a great choice, set illumination and also for effects,” Karmen explained. “There are so many possibilities”.

Across all the venues and galleries, nearly 1,100 cultural events are staged annually at Cankarjev Dom, featuring over 1,000 congress events, including the Slovene Book Fair which alone spawns about 350 events. Altogether, the combined venues are estimated to attract over 480,000 visitors to the attractive Slovenian capital and it’s a big part of the fabric and society of this vibrant city.