Black Sea Arena uses Prolyte for its Technical Installation

The Black Sea Arena in Georgia officially opened its doors on July 10th 2016 along with a special opening show. Broad arrays of Prolyte products were used to install this modern event facility.

The ultra-modern venue, designed by German architects Drei Architekten – located close to the shores of the Black Sea – provides stunning architecture with some nice twists; the open auditorium can be closed within minutes when rain comes up, by means of 168 rotating, translucent facade lamellas, that protect the audience from sun, wind and rain, but once opened, allows a full view on the beautiful landscape between Great and Small Caucasus.

The auditorium has a capacity of 10,000 seats circular grandstands as well as visitor lounges; VIP areas, four cinemas, auxiliary areas, and technical rooms.

The auditorium, with a stage width of 36m is designed to accommodate the largest productions of international performing artists. The Arena is constructed with an open roof; 25m above ground level, a retractable membrane glides over the entire auditorium where the circumstances require so.

Lithuanian based system integrator, Scenos Techninis Servisas, was asked to provide the turn-key installation of light, LED screens, sound and stage structures, comprising of over 30 tonne of equipment in total. For this installation, Prolyte, L-Acoustics and ROBE were selected as main suppliers.

After an intensive installation and testing period, the first demo was organised on June17th.

Managing Directorof STS, Laurynas Paskevicius commented: “All-in-all the installation of this project went pretty smooth. We knew we could rely on the supplying manufacturers, they’re all known for their excellent products and product support, which to us really makes the difference for a turnkey project of this size. The build of the truss grids went really well and the stage floor was built in a record time, the Prolyte products are really fool proof and easy to build.”

The event stage floor – spanning over 930 square metres – is created from Prolyte StageDex, using a combination of standard TopLine decks and the EasyFrame C support structure. The main stage of 26 x 24 metres is complemented with a catwalk of 2 x 22 metres, both supported with the EasyFrame C. A circular stage of 6metres in diameter on telescopic legs also completes the staging. The easy and flexibility of this system is highlighted by its building time, the crew of Scenos Techninis Servisas build the floor in under 8 hours. The universal structure can be built in several set-ups, as stage floor, platform or as grandstand, thereby creating maximum flexibility for the venue.

Above the stage a couple of 30 metre spans of S66 truss, suspended on 32 2 tonne ProLyft hoists, act as main grid. This main grid is pre-installed with all cabling for the show systems, like power and signal cables. The main grid can be lowered to the stage floor to provide easy access to set up or change the show elements.

Several other truss types, like the H30V, H40V, S36V and S52SV trusses can be used to make several stage set-ups. Two circular trusses and two special triangles will give various options to create stunning stage designs. Using a box corner system will give the arena technicians the freedom to create several truss designs without the need for extra corner types. To support the trusses, nearly 100 ProLyft Aetos hoists were installed, with either 1000kg or 2000kg loading capacity.

To complete the rigging system, a special interface was built to be able to control all 99 channels in one go. Linking to the 8 units 12-way Aetos Pro controllers, a ProLyft Aetos Piccolo touch screen control offers full control of all the hoists in the Arena. Simple control set-up and built in safety features make it easy to understand and use for the technicians.

Completing the installation is a complete crowd control system, based on the Prolyte Barriers, which offer different set-up possibilities. As Laurynas stated the following on the matter: ”The fact that Prolyte can supply all these elements needed to complete the hardware elements of the installation is very favourable. It really works like a one-stop-shop. The Prolyte team gave excellent support before and during the installation, which we can rely on them to support us and on the products to offer optimum safety.

With the Black Sea Arena fully up-and-running it can open its doors for a row of events and concerts this summer. Artists like Christina Aguilera and the Scorpions will be the first perform there on July 30th.