Black Box Pro brings 1 SOUND to the luxurious Manta Lido

Manta, a luxurious poolside Mediterranean experience in the heart of Sliema, Malta, opened this year with a 1 SOUND audio system. Black Box Pro, the AV integration company contracted for this project, signed on to be 1 SOUND’s exclusive distributor in Malta earlier this year, making this their first project to include 1 SOUND shortly after signing.

This prestigious venue called for elegance in every aspect, especially durability regarding the loudspeaker installation. Black Box Pro knew 1 SOUND was the perfect match for this project because of the loudspeakers’ high fidelity quality sound, elegant aesthetic, and premium build quality, making all products IP55 and saltwater resistant with stainless steel 316 accessories and hardware.

For the outdoor pool lido deck, 23 Cannon C8s in white were distributed. To mount off the restaurant building, Black Box Pro used C8 C–Clamps and L–Brackets, allowing for vertical and horizontal aiming. These C8s were often paired with a SUB12 nearby for bass.

On the poolside where there were no walls for mounting, Black Box Pro utilised 1 SOUND’s Active Tube and C–Clamp to have a vertical tilt for the loudspeaker and hidden cables. They made a custom mount to put the Active Tube into the ground for a streamlined look. Being that the Cannon C8 has a bandwidth down to 55Hz, a subwoofer was not missed in certain areas where the C8 stood alone.

For the DJ booth, Black Box Pro used two C8s and mounted the C-Clamps straight into the desk, making an uptilt for the DJ. The C8 has a different design from the other Cannons in the series. It has a compression driver and proprietary horn element, resulting in the full–range C8 sounding more impactful in combination with its power efficiency.

For the open-concept restaurant, 13 C4i’s were mounted indoors for background music. These 4–inch high-fidelity coaxial loudspeakers were paired with five WSUB45s mounted to the wall with the WSUB45 C–Clamp kit. For the outdoor dining areas off the restaurant, including a balcony patio, Cannon C6s were used with their C-Clamp accessories for mounting.

Manta offers lively entertainment with an in–house DJ, saxophonists, and percussionists, all now playing through the distributed system.